iPad 2 is now officially available in India | Price and specifications

Apple earned a bad name when it chose to ignore Indian market for iPad. Now it seems that Apple has learnt its lessons and is not ready to ignore 1.21 billion strong Indian Market for its newly released iPad2. Just 2 days back Apple India announced that iPad 2 will be available in India now. One interesting thing to note here is that in present times Apple is feeling the heat of immense competition in tablet market. The current generation of Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) based tablets from almost all major manufacturers are giving Apple a run for money.  Because of this Apple is now targeting markets where the presence of Android based tablets is almost nil and where better to land than India, where people have purchasing power and Honeycomb is not present here. This becomes even more evident if we observe that Apple has made no similar announcement for its iPhone 4 which is doing ok in sales in US and Europe markets.
Apple iPad2 now available in India
Apple iPad2 now available in India
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Sony Enters Into The Tablet Segment | Expects To Stand Close To Apple In A Year

Sony entered entertainment business pretty late but now has a significant market share. Is Sony going to recreate the same success story in tablet segment. Sony has announced that it will enter the nascent market of tablets PC. Sony is calling its tablet as " Sony Tablet". Now why such a simplistic name for tablets, Sony has created a series of electronic gadgets with their own brand name, like Sony laptops are better known as Sony Viao and who can forget the legendary "Sony Walkman" series.
Sony Tablet S1 and S2
Sony Tablet S1 and S2
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Search Engine Optimization of Images in Your Blog

When I started blogging a year ago, I was startled to see how easy it was to rank in Google image search. This was the time when I was struggling to get better rankings for my travel site in Google web  search. Something was wonderfully right for me . Most of my images were fetching me the desired traffic to my website when my web search traffic was dismal. Even after a year, whenever I post any image, it gets indexed in Google image search faster and gets good search engine ranking. So what is the thing that I am doing right that others are not doing with their images ? Search Engine Optimization Continue reading "Search Engine Optimization of Images in Your Blog"

Dare to bare all for an Apple ?

Apple's large number of consumers are also its die hard fan. People wait in lines to see Apple's each new release and once they purchase the coveted Apple gadget, it becomes a status symbol for them. So how far you can go to show your fanaticism for Apple. Here are two girls going to the limit. Dare to do this for an Apple ?
An Apple Fan Girl
Dare to bare like this ??
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Dropbox Apps Get An Update For Android & iOS | Supports Bulk Upload

All the Dropbox fans get another reason to cheer up. Dropbox application for Android and iOS is now updated. This is not a cosmetic update, rather it is a functionality update, updated Dropbox now supports bulk upload in Android and iOS. This was much expected and missed functionality in Dropbox for Android and iOS.
dropbox for android and ios
Dropbox Interface
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Nikon Coolpix S1100pj Projector Camera With USB Projection

Last year Nikon introduced world's first projector still camera, S1100pj. Now Nikon is all set to release a sequel which is better and brighter.  This new projector camera from Nikon will share the same name S1100pj with a Coolpix attached to it. One year time span in electronics now seems like 10 years in human life. Things are getting faster and better as never before in history of electronic gadgets. Nikon Coolpix S1100pj is not the only device to host a miniature projector, this year we saw various mobile phones hosting a small projector like Samsung Galaxy Beam.
nikon coolpix s1100pj
Nikon Coolpix S1100PJ
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How To Import All Your Facebook Contacts To Gmail & Yahoo! Mail

Sometime back in November 2010 Google was super pissed off at Facebook. This was because of Facebook's attempt to import Gmail data without Google's consent. apparently Facebook thinks of "one way" data traffic, it takes data from wherever possible but when it comes to sharing the user data with others Facebook shows a big middle finger. Google even made some public remarks regarding this issue. "We’re disappointed that Facebook didn’t invest their time in making it possible for their users to get their contacts out of Facebook. As passionate believers that people should be able to control the data they create, we will continue to allow our users to export their Google contacts." - Google Google, Yahoo! and many others allow a free flow of data from one to other. This reflects one philosophy - if you have created the data, you should be able to use it the way you want. On the contrary, Facebook uses others data but it never lets others use it data.
facebook using gmail data
Facebook uses Gmail, Yahoo! contact to populate its data
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How to disable “light box” effect in Facebook albums

Recently Facebook has made some big changes in its user interface. Not all of these changes were taken positively by masses. One such change which I do not like personally is the new "light box" pop up view of album images. Facebook calls this effect as "theater view". Personally I find this new "theater view" as obtrusive in nature, it covers most of my screen adding no value addition to the over all viewing of normal friend's/family's albums. The biggest drawback of this change is that one can not opt to go back to earlier normal album view, which was much simpler and more fun to browse through. Facebook should have given its users an option to revert back these changes.
facebook mark zuckerberg
Facebook | Always trying to introduce something new
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Nokia’s New Armor X7 | Good Enough Against Android Smartphone ?

Nokia is again relying on its dying legacy of Symbian mobile OS. Recently Nokia has launched its X series of phone with a better and bigger screen. After learning hard lessons with resistive screens, Nokia is now decking its smartphones with AMOLED capacitive screens.  As we know that performance wise capacitive screens are better than resistive screens, they can withstand larger temperature variations, they are more responsive than resistive screens. Also Nokia is giving a latest Symbian, code named Anna (Is it in Telgu for big brother ??) .
Nokia X7
Nokia X7
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Earn while you tweet | URL Shortener Services that pay

Yes thats true, there are some URL shortener services that actually pay you for using their services. Though the earnings will not make you feel any richer, still every buck counts. So how does it work, it is pretty simple to use such a service. All you need to do is to go to their respective home page and register one account. Now whenever you create a short URL and use it and when someone clicks that URL, you get paid. As you must be knowing that URL shortener services are mostly used while one tweets . Twitter has a limitation of 140 character count for any tweet, this makes it necessary to shorten any URL you are planning to post in Twitter.
How to monetize your tweets
monetize your tweets
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