Aaaksh Tablet To Get Dearer By $14 If Opted For Replacement Warranty

As the days are passing by, we are getting a better picture of of Aakash tablet gradually. In a recent report, Economy Times unearthed a bit more about pricing details of Aakash tablet. As per Suneet Singh Tuli,the CEO of Datawind, Government of India has asked the company for  replacement of Aakash tablet if anyone comes to company reporting a manufacturing defect.  Normally most of the companies do not give a replacement warranty on electronic gadgets. To meet with this replacement policy of Aakash tablet, Datawind will charge additional $14 to end users. Aakash Tablet   There are many manufacturing steps that add up to the cost of Aakash tablet. Cost of individual components, manufacturing cost, documentation costs and labor costs- all sum up to less than $35 for Aakash tablet. Additional $14 for replacement warranty will reflect in higher price of Aakash tablet. With replacement warranty Aakash will cost you $49.98. This is not clear whether this additional replacement warranty is optional. Most likely this policy will only be valid for Aakash tablets distributed through government channels.

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