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Micromax's new Android A60 mobile is not exactly something which can be considered "nothing like anything" . Actually this is a re-branded ZTE Penguin mobile.
zte penguin is new micromax A60
Micromax A60 is re-branded ZTE Penguin
There is only one more mobile phone from Huawei (Ideos) that competes with this mobile phone in this price range. Ideos has Android 2.2 (Froyo) while Micromax A60 has Android 2.1 (Eclair) . Now lets check how this mobile fairs in some of its features
Micromax A60
Micromax A60
Voice Assisted GPS Navigation: This is a cool feature, with this you can navigate home , dictate addresses, find your nearest Macdonald's joint just by your voice commands.This can be specially useful while driving car. Accelerator Sensor : Well this application is freely available for android phones,but not all mobiles have an inbuilt accelerometer sensor.This application will show acceleration of the mobile in X-Y-Z directions.Android A60 ships with this application installed. Camera : Camera is pretty basic,  just 3.2 MP . Micromax A60 has only back side camera. The missing front camera makes this camera unfit for video calls.This also makes me think what  one will do with an internet speed of 7.2 Mbps if it cant be used for such basic features as video calling .May be its only use will be in watching online videos.
3G Download Speed : Micromax A60 is equipped with lightening fast speed of 3.5G (also known as turbo 3G of 3G+) . A60 supports HSDPA (High-Speed Downlink Packet Access) giving a download speed upto 7.2 Mbps. 3G Upload Speed : A60 supports HSUPA (High-Speed Uplink Packet Access) giving a upload speed of  5.6 Mbps. Here are rest of the features
Form Factor Full Touch
Band GSM 900&1800MHz - WCDMA 900/2100MHz
Weight 105gms
Dimensions 106.8mm * 59.2mm * 14.0mm
Display 62K TFT, (320*240 pixels) 7.1cms Touch Screen
Version 2.1 Eclair
HSUPA 5.76Mbps
HSDPA 7.2 Mbps
Camera 3.2MP, Camera
Audio Player Yes
WiFi Yes
Video Streaming Yes
Video Player Yes
Video Recorder Yes
Processor 600 MHz
Bluetooth 2.1
Internal Memory 150MB
Expandable Memory Up-to 32GB
Battery Type 1280 mAh Li-ion Battery
Talk Time Up to 4 hours*
Standby Time Up to 10 days*
So whats the verdict ? This is an entry level Android phone at a great price. It has some great features and its Android 2.1 (Eclair) makes it a good buy for young people (mobile's design is most suited for 15 - 30 age).  Also this can be a good first Android experience for someone who is thinking of playing with Android's open nature (the tech savvy janta). Micromax A60 price: Most of the local mobile vendors should give you a bargain price of  Rs 6,999 . While sellers at ebay.in are selling this android phone at Rs 7,400 with bill, Flipkart is giving this mobile at price of Rs 6,699 with a 2 GB memory card (seller's link here) , this is probably the best deal one can have for Micromax A60 (unless your local vendor is giving a better offer) And in the end ...here is the Micromax's A60 advertisement .

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  1. sapna Reply

    When I bought this phone from mnvcollections.com I did find the shape a little unusual. But I like the 3.2 MP camera. and what is best is that this is the cheapest Android phone in the Indian market. I strongly recommend it.

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