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Micromax is becoming as a popular brand which is introducing feature packed low cost Android smartphones. True to its popularity Micromax has launched a new Android smartphone A70. Micromax A70 is a major improvement over earlier Micromax Android phone A60. A70 has more processing speed,  more memory, better screen and camera and it is running on not so old Android 2.2 (Froyo) and the best thing about A70 is its price.  It delivers superbly on almost every feature for as small price as 8000 rupees. Micromax A70 Android SmartphoneA70 has a 3.2 inch screen which is vibrant and reproduces excellent colors. A screen resolution of 320x480 which is capable of 256 k colors gives sharp screen viewing.  A70 supports 3G and has dual camera for video chat. Screen is capacitive which gives better touch screen experience than many resistive touchscreens in high end Nokia mobiles. Build quality of this device is excellent. Phone has got sturdy body and its design is curvy with a modern look. This phone feels good when you hold it. Now lets see all the features of this phone in detail Operating System If you do a simple Google search to find what is the operating system of some of the so called latest Android tablets, you will notice a pattern emerging; most of the tablets (and mobiles also) run on obsolete versions of Android. Thanks to Micromax, A70 has Android 2.2.1 (Froyo) which is feature rich and bug free Android. Most of the Android apps available in the Android market should run on froyo. Hardware A70 has 600 MHz processor. Though 600 MHz is not good enough to run processor hungry apps and games but it is good enough to run most of the regular applications and not very heavy games (read Angry Birds) smoothly. Only downside of this mobile as far as hardware is concerned is its low internal memory. Micromax A70 has 190 MB of internal memory. This can be problem when you are trying to run a application which resides in main memory and has great memory requirement. Also this can be a problem when you may try to run multiple applications at same time. A70 has 4 GB of inbuilt memory which is expandable upto 32 GB. Build Quality A70 has plastic body which makes it light weight. Build quality of the mobile is good. Body has smooth finish without gloss. At first glance phones back looks if it is made up of metal. Build material is good and phone is designed to last years. Screen A70 has capacitive screen which has a resolution of 320x480 TFT screen. This is not the best screen in the market. Resolution could have been a tiny bit better but given the price of the mobile, it would be a crime to complain about such things. Touchscreen experience of this mobile is good. Its very responsive and snappy. Camera and Video capture A70 has a 5 mega pixel camera without LED flash. Camera is pretty good and it takes sharp images in various light conditions. This is probably the best camera in a mobile within its price range. Camera's auto focus works like a charm and overall gives a nice focused photograph. Video capturing of A70 is dismal. Video comes out to be having pixels and result is grim if one tries to take video in dark conditions. Voice Quality voice quality if above acceptable limits. voice comes clear and crisp without volume fluctuations. There is no noticeable call drop. Mic reception is also very good. Speaker is loud enough for comfortable hearing though its loudspeaker is not anything beyond ordinary. Networking and Connectivity This device supports quad band GSM 2G GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900, 3G HSDPA 2100.  Device is 3G ready with 7.2 Mbps HSDPA (Download speed) . Micromax A70 has Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g, Wi-Fi hotspot, GPRS/EDGE. With WiFi hotspot you can share your 3G internet connection among other WiFi enabled devices. Battery Life Battery life of A70 is impressive, with full throttled use its battery will last for more than 6 hours. That means you can watch movie, play games and surf internet for hours with a single charge. A70 gives you a 5 hours talk time and 3 days of standby time in a single charge. Price This is the thing which makes A70 stand apart from the crowed of android mobiles. A70 costs just 7600 (street price) . You are not going to get such feature rich and robust android mobile at such a price. Micromax A70 Android Smartphone Final Verdict Gone are the days when Micromax was considered as an Indian mobile maker of rip off phones. With such devices as A70, Micromax has entered into the group of popular mobile brands. Its earlier attempt to make cheap Android phone resulted in A60 which was probably the first Indian Android phone at such a low price. Now A70 is here and its is much better than A60 (and many other cheap android mobiles) in various features. A70 has trendy design which does not look cheap. Given all the good specs and features this mobile has, this mobile is a steal at 7600 rupees. Xeobits Rating of Micromax A70 :  8.5 out of 10.

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  2. suman Reply

    if any one brought this phone ….then tell me its actual current price please

  3. ashok Reply

    All features are good but why on earth they have not provided a flash with 5 megapixel camera . It could have been the best and cheapest android phone with all features.

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