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Samsung has launched , Galaxy Pro, a new QWERTY keypad smart phone. This smart phone is not in the same line as galaxy s phones, which are complete touch screen. Samsung Galaxy Pro will have its front divided in two halves, upper part being a touch screen (not multi touch though ) and lower part will have a full QWERTY keyboard. This is more like a blackberry phone, probably Samsung is aiming at the blackberry segment itself. Specification wise it beats (or at least stands equal) any Blackberry phone,  a touch screen gives it an edge over similarly priced Blackberry phone which have only a trackball for navigation.
Samsung Galaxy Pro
Samsung Galaxy Pro
One thing which is not clear yet is that how Samsung Galaxy Pro will compete with Blackberry's unparalleled emailing services? If there is no dedicated emailing service, one will have to use commonly available emailing services or at best paid third party emailing services.
samsung galaxy pro
Samsung Galaxy Pro
Specifications Now lets see how does Galaxy Pro fare in specifications.  Galaxy Pro has a portrait QWERTY keypad, much like Blackberry phones. Keypad is nicely built, keys are large enough for easy typing. Galaxy Pro also has 4 buttons meant for Android navigation, these keys separate QWERTY keyboard from capacitative screen. Coming to the screen, Samsung Galaxy Pro has a AMOLED capacitative touch screen.  Its a 320 x 240 pixels, 2.8 inches screen.  Samsung could had done better in camera, first there is no front camera, second the rear camera is only 3.2 Mpix. 3.2 mpix camera is slightly outdated in my opinion, a 5+ Mpix camera is needed for today's smartphones.  This apps will run on Android 2.2, froyo. For a bar phone this smart phone has a good CPU speed of 800MHz, although which CPU will power this smartphone is not known yet. Here is a detailed specification sheet as released by Samsung,
Samsung Galaxy Pro specifications
Samsung Galaxy Pro specifications
Price in India Flipkart is selling this phone online at 12,290 INR, Flipkart is also giving a Sandisk 4GB pen drive (worth 380 INR)  with Samsung Galaxy Pro. Here is the seller's link - Samsung Galaxy Pro You can have a look at this youtube video to see how this phone looks in hands.

4 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Pro | Specifications | Price in India

  1. S@bhit Reply

    No price available yet except for the consensus price on the net that this MIGHT be around Rs 10,000. We might be pleasantly surprised with a much lower price or we could be outrageously disappointed if it is priced anywhere above that price.

  2. MaxJay Reply

    Hi !!!
    Can anyone let me know whether this phone has secondary camera ?

    Please revert at earliest !!!

  3. admin Reply


    unfortunately there is no front camera on Galaxy Pro … Samsung missed this important feature for today’s smartphone…this can prove to be a deal breaker

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