VMware virtualization client for Android and iOS coming soon

Reacting rather late to the scene, VMware has announced that the company will start shipping a desktop virtualization client for Android and iOS soon. Vittorio Viarengo, vice president of End User Computing at VMware, reported that these desktop virtualization clients will be out in the market sometime in late second quarter or early third quarter. This is a great news for all Android and iPad fanboys who want to enjoy their tablet's latest OS and also want to enjoy the familiarity of windows.
vmware logo
VMware is market leader in desktop virtualization softwares
For those who are not aware of VMware alternate desktop clients, VMware provides software by which one can install an instance of alternate OS of your choice on the same hardware in which your current OS is running. Like one can run an instance of full fledged Ubuntu or Windows 7 on a Mac computer.
vmware fusion
VMware fusion gives you option to run windows in Mac 3.0
Market price of these desktop virtualization clients is not yet disclosed, yet market experts say that one can expect a price of 80 USD - 90 USD. Vittorio Viarengo also reported that new tablets from Research In Motion will also be able to run a desktop virtualization client, exact release version and dates are yet to be finalized for RIM.

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