Are You Getting 3200 / 3002 Error While Upgrading To iOS5 ?

If you were trying to upgrade your iDevice to latest iOS5 and you thought you bricked your iPad / iPhone after upgrade failed giving errors like 3002/3200/3004 - well you are not alone. Just after the online availability of iOS5, thousands of people downloaded it and tried to upgrade their devices. While many were successful in upgrading to iOS5, many people started complaning about upgrade failure. most people reported that they are getting iOS5 upgrade error 3200. Few others also reported about upgrade errors like 3002 and error 3004. iOS5 Upgrade Error 3200 / 3002 / 3004 Apparently the problem is with massive load on Apple servers. As per Apple - massive amount of upgrade requests are being sent to Apple servers. As servers are working on full capacity, many requests are being dropped hence causing these upgrade errors. So what is the solution to these errors 3200 / 3002 and 3004 ? Well the easiest is to wait and let things cool off a bit. As time will pass, load on Apple servers will come down gradually. Once servers are able to handle your upgrade request, you can try again. Many users were successful after they tried many times. Besides waiting and letting things calm down, there is not much you can do. If you are still wondering how to upgrade your iDevice to latest iOS, you first need to download the latest iOS5 IPSW file. You can download this file suitable for your device using below links. These file are of more than 700 MB, so keep your data usage in mind if you are planning to download a file. Also use some download manager like (DAP) to resume any broken download attempt. Once you have the file with you, you can upgrade (restore) your device using these files.

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