First Apple 1 Gets A New Owner

Apple 1 Advertisement (January 1977)
Apple 1 Advertisement (January 1977)
Marco Boglione , an Italian collector, bought the first Apple 1 device during a Christie’s auction in London.It Is estimated that less than 30 Apple 1 computers are still present, making it a rare collector’s item.Marco  Boglione’s brother was present on behalf his brother , who cleared the bid with a staggering £133,250 ($210,000) , making this auction the highest paid ever for a personal computer. This Apple 1 was accompanied with a letter signed by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak
Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak  with Apple Computer
Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak with Apple Computer
In 1976 Stephen Gary "Woz" Wozniak and Steve Jobs created the first apple computer code named Apple I in a small garage. They never had any big plans for this first Apple, which was way ahead of its time, but just to impress the local electronic enthusiasts group Homebrew Computer Club and they had never thought that Apple will become what it is now !!! It was Steve Jobs who suggested to Woz that they should start a company selling Apples 1 . They sold their first Apple 1 for 666.66 $ in April 1976.This Apple I also known as Apple 1 was piece of art. First ever personal computer that came with fully pre- assembled motherboard. It had interfaces to connect a keyboard, a monitor, power supply.
Fully Assembled Apple 1
Fully Assembled Apple 1
Steve Woz used a 6502 Motorola processor, which was newly launched at that time, instead of more famous 8080 Intel processor . Steve Woz chose 6502 because it was cheaper than Intel’s 8080. Apple 1 with 6502 MOS processor ran at 1.023 MHz. it had 4k RAM.Apple 1 supported display (normally a TV set at that time) with frame rate of 60.05 Hz, could support 40 characters per line at 24 lines, with automatic scrolling.
first computer Apple 1 Display
Apple 1 Display

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