Check Your Website’s Speed By Google’s New Tool

Google makes some 450+ changes in its search algorithm every year. Most of these changes never get noticed and affect a very small amount of search volume. Biggest change in recent history was for “content forms”, affecting some 15% of the entire search volume.  Google always makes changes for a better search experience. For this Google checks more than 200+ signals from various corners of internet to decide a result for any query. Google makes timely changes in these 200+ signals, sometimes dropping few signals and sometimes adding signals which reflect new trends in internet. One such signal that Google incorporated recently is a websites speed. According to research conducted by Google with MIT, 49% of the users switch to other sites if a site is loading slower.  Just have a look at the detailed research results. search engine optimization research data website speed Continue reading "Check Your Website’s Speed By Google’s New Tool"

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 Vs Apple’s iPad 2 | “Thickness” War

Gone are the days when “mine is bigger than yours” used to be a thing of pride, now things have taken a 180 degree turn and “bigger” has been replaced by “thinner”. The “thinner” you have, more popular you become. At least it is working for Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab 10.1.
Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 is sleek
Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 is sleek
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USB connectivity of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

As the web gets flooded with new "hands on" videos and various previews and reviews of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 , one thing gets murkier ; its USB connectivity. Even though official specifications say that this new galaxy tab will have a USB 2.0 connectivity, people are not able to find a USB connector anywhere in the device. Many of the comments in Engadget review and on other popular technology blogs show the same concern, if there is no USB in Galaxy 10.1 people are not going to buy it.
samsung galaxy tab 10.1
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
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Freedom from unwanted calls and SMS

Giving great relief to mobile users in India, today's newspapers read the advertisement from TRAI. According to this advertisement, now customers can opt for a full block on spam SMS and unwanted promotional/ ad calls. Here is the advertisement that came out in most of the major newspapers today.
trai advertisement freedom from unwanted calls and sms
Customers can now enjoy freedom from unwanted calls and sms
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HTC Wildfire | Rich in features but not so rich in performance

If you use your phone camera for serious shooting or if you want to run some Android app that will test mettle of cell phone's processsor , HTC Wildfire is not for you. Okay now lets see what this Android machine has got to offer. This is a smart phone with smart looks. Even though its not a costly phone, its looks are not of a cheap phone, it has got a sleek fresh design similar to HTC desire.
HTC Wildfire
HTC Wildfire | looks impressive
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Angry Birds | most addictive iPhone game I ever played

This game is insane, first impression one gets after playing a few slingshots is of "yet another iPhone game"...but just hold, play few more slingshots , yeah, now you get it- this is what i am talking about. It binds you with a super adhesive glue with its super cleverly designed levels, with its awesome puzzles.
Angry Birds best iPhone game
Angry Birds | One of the best iPhone game
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Micromax A60 | Features | Specifications | price in India

Micromax's new Android A60 mobile is not exactly something which can be considered "nothing like anything" . Actually this is a re-branded ZTE Penguin mobile.
zte penguin is new micromax A60
Micromax A60 is re-branded ZTE Penguin
There is only one more mobile phone from Huawei (Ideos) that competes with this mobile phone in this price range. Ideos has Android 2.2 (Froyo) while Micromax A60 has Android 2.1 (Eclair) . Now lets check how this mobile fairs in some of its features Continue reading "Micromax A60 | Features | Specifications | price in India"

Android 3.0 Honeycomb unveiled at CES 2011 by Google

Here is the sneak preview of much awaited Android 3.0 Honeycomb. Google unveiled its new operating system specially built for larger screens of tablets at CES 2011 . Google was under immense pressure to release Honeycomb in CES if it were to attract tablet manufactures. Currently most of the tablets, like Samsung's Galaxy Tab, run on earlier releases of Android which were not designed for larger screens of tablets. This led to a patchy and comic book like large icons and graphics in current  Android based tablets.