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Nexus S | The new Android phone from Google | Features | Price | Specifications

Successor of Nexus One : After the release of first Nexus early this year; Nexus S is the second offering  from search engine giant Google.Let us see how Nexus will be decked up when it is released on 16th Dec this year. Contour Surface : Among many first ,Google's Nexus S is first smart phone to introduce  AMOLED Contour Display . So what is this contour display ? If you look carefully at the below image of Nexus S , you will notice something curvy about its screen surface. This can be a new design paradigm shift for screens. It is being said that this new contour screen offers better handling and its easier to talk when the phone is near your ear.
Google's Nexus S curved phone contour surface
Google's Nexus S | Notice the contour surface
Android 2.3  (successor of android 2.2 froyo) aka Gingerbread : Google claimes it as an open mobile operating system and it is meant for developers , it is one of the best Androids available , with improved API for web app development and has better support for faster and better Games. Continue Reading

First Apple 1 Gets A New Owner

Apple 1 Advertisement (January 1977)
Apple 1 Advertisement (January 1977)
Marco Boglione , an Italian collector, bought the first Apple 1 device during a Christie’s auction in London.It Is estimated that less than 30 Apple 1 computers are still present, making it a rare collector’s item.Marco  Boglione’s brother was present on behalf his brother , who cleared the bid with a staggering £133,250 ($210,000) , making this auction the highest paid ever for a personal computer. This Apple 1 was accompanied with a letter signed by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak
Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak  with Apple Computer
Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak with Apple Computer
In 1976 Stephen Gary "Woz" Wozniak and Steve Jobs created the first apple computer code named Apple I in a small garage. They never had any big plans for this first Apple, which was way ahead of its time, but just to impress the local electronic enthusiasts group Homebrew Computer Club and they had never thought that Apple will become what it is now !!! Continue Reading

Hackers completely off the hook | Playstation 3 gets its share of jailbreak!!!!

For those who are joining this party late , this is already a party in full swing.PS3 got hacked , patched by Sony , then hacked again. This all started sometime back  around April this year  and by our own genius -George Hotz (also known as Geohot ) ,the same person who gave us blackra1n  the jailbreak for iphones/ipod touch …. “thats a pretty secure system … Took 5 weeks, 3 in Boston, 2 here, very simple hardware cleverly applied, and some not so simple software.” - George Hotz
George Hotz (geohot) Guy behind jailbreaks for playstation 3 and iphone , ipod touch
George Hotz | Guy behind jailbreaks for playstation 3 and iphone , ipod touch
Yes that’s true … once an invincible system…Playstation3 is now modchipped...and is playing all the homebrew softwares and all the games you backed up on your external hard disks (Check out my next blog on how to take game backups in Playstation3 ).
Latest Playstation 3 comes with firmware v 3.5
Latest Playstation 3 comes with firmware v 3.5
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WinRAR | A Handy File Splitter

I am not sure if this problem is with everyone but somehow all my attachments which are bigger than 10 MB or so fail to get attached in Gmail. It’s pretty annoying knowing that maximum limit of attachment is 25 MB still I am not able to attach smaller files.

I know yahoo mail has got better support for big file attachment but who wants to leave the Gmail and switch to cluttered Yahoo!? This frustration led me to search for alternate ways to send that PDF which my friend was waiting for.

A quick Google for of the term “file splitter” gave me an overwhelming   1,440,000 results!!  I decided to check out this result .First search result lead to, offering a nice little free tool of just 627 kb size. This tool does the job just the way one expects splitting the files and joins the parts back together. It gives you the freedom to set your own size of the chunk.