FCC Approved HTC Thunderbolt Teardown | Reveals Expected

It has been a month or so since the release of HTC Thunderbolt LTE, yet there was no teardown report of this awesome smartphone. We normally expect iFixit team to release such teardowns but this  time FCC released some images of HTC Thunderbolt teardown. Though the images are not as good as a iFixit release, still these images give us a fair bit of idea how such a thin and "not so big" device manages to pack such power-packed features. The most interesting aspect of this teardown is to see the placement of  EVDO and LTE antennas, among other things. In of of the pictures we can clearly see a Qualcomm MDM9600 processor. One can also see iNAND flash memory by Sandisk and Samsung.
HTC Thunderbolt
HTC Thunderbolt
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Samsung Galaxy Pro | Specifications | Price in India

Samsung has launched , Galaxy Pro, a new QWERTY keypad smart phone. This smart phone is not in the same line as galaxy s phones, which are complete touch screen. Samsung Galaxy Pro will have its front divided in two halves, upper part being a touch screen (not multi touch though ) and lower part will have a full QWERTY keyboard. This is more like a blackberry phone, probably Samsung is aiming at the blackberry segment itself. Specification wise it beats (or at least stands equal) any Blackberry phone,  a touch screen gives it an edge over similarly priced Blackberry phone which have only a trackball for navigation.
Samsung Galaxy Pro
Samsung Galaxy Pro
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VMware virtualization client for Android and iOS coming soon

Reacting rather late to the scene, VMware has announced that the company will start shipping a desktop virtualization client for Android and iOS soon. Vittorio Viarengo, vice president of End User Computing at VMware, reported that these desktop virtualization clients will be out in the market sometime in late second quarter or early third quarter. This is a great news for all Android and iPad fanboys who want to enjoy their tablet's latest OS and also want to enjoy the familiarity of windows.
vmware logo
VMware is market leader in desktop virtualization softwares
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IBM introduces fastest transistor | Graphene to power future computers ?

In a recent DARPA project, mainframe giant IBM unveiled fastest transistor on earth, taking the speed to a mind boggling 155 GHz. IBM holds earlier transistor speed record too, earlier fastest transistor was clocked at 100 GHz. Supposedly IBM is working with a new material known as Graphene, instead of usual silicon for making this fastest transistor.So whats the big deal with fastest transistors? well to say the least this new technology can make your future tablets go crazy with speed. The main component of any computer is its CPU which consists of billions of transistors carved on a silicon wafer.
Graphene molecule
A Graphene molecule
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Packard Bell Resurrecting Again With a “Yet Another Android Tablet”

No, it is not a love child of Bell Systems and Hewlett Packard. If you press your memory a bit harder than you may remember that Packard Bell used to make some crappy looking personal computers in yesteryears. Yes, that same company somehow survived this cruel world (company did well in Europe ) and is now offering a range of laptops. If you dont believe me, here is the company website - go and check yourself . Well now Packard and Bell is entering into the dense jungle of tablets. Packard and Bell has named its tablet as " Liberty", here are few pics of this tablet.
Packard Bell's new tablet Liberty
Packard Bell's new tablet Liberty
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iOS 4.3.1 gets its share of Jailbreak | Redsnow Untethered for Windows and OS X

If you have been waiting for a jailbreak for recently release iOS 4.3.1, than your wait is over. Dev-team has just released an untethered jailbreak, redsn0w 0.9.6rc9 (release candidate 9), for Windows and OS X .  Redsn0w 0.9.6 rc9 is capable of jailbreaking almost all iPhones and iPad1, here is the complete list.

Wimax version of Samsung Nexus S (4G) is coming on 18th April

Samsung is all set to launch its Nexus S 4G soon, some say it may be as soon as 18th April. This will be released by Samsung and mobile career is Sprint.Most likely Samsung Nexus S will not be very different from its earlier version, Nexus S. it will be having the same 4-inch Super AMOLED display, a 5 megapixel camera and a  front-facing camera), 1 GHz dual core processor , 512 MB of RAM (here Samsung can surprise us by boosting RAM to 1GB), Wi-Fi b/g/n with mobile hotspot, NFC for contactless payments(Google is banking heavily on this new technology), GPS, and runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread. android logo Continue reading "Wimax version of Samsung Nexus S (4G) is coming on 18th April"

Apple To Reintroduce Camera In 7th Gen iPod Nano

Rumors have already started floating around internet about specifications of iPod Nano 7th generation. If rumors are to be believed, 7th generation iPod nano will have a rear camera. ApplePro released a so called leaked image of 7th Generation iPod nano. Just have a look at the leaked image of casing, it does look like that this is something similar to 6th generation iPod casing with a hole. The size of the hole seems appropriate to fit a camera.
7th generation ipod nano apple
casing of 7th generation iPod nano
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