Samsung’s Galaxy S about to touch 10 million record sells

Korean electronic giant is all set to nake a record sell for its Galaxy S line of smart phones.Informationweek reported that Samsung sold a whopping 9.3 millions of Galaxy S , android base smart  phones and is expecting that with this closing year it will touch 10 million mark (thanks to December festive season).
Samsung's Galaxy S
Samsung's Galaxy S
Last October Samsung launched this Galaxy S in India . Initially it was overpriced at 31000 INR but now the prices are coming down to around 27 k - 27.5 k . Still an overpriced phone for 'budget' users given that it ships with old Android 2.1 (Eclaire).

Dell XCD35 and XCD28| re-branded for India

Computer giant Dell entered into mobile phone arena in India when it released two GSM mobiles in last November. These two releases are Dell XCD28 (having a 2.8 inch screen) and Dell XCD35 (named after its screen size 3.5 inch).  These mobiles are as late in India as G3 mobile network. Dell has been selling it's ZTE Racer and ZTE Blade out side India , now Dell has re-branded these two mobiles as XCD28 (pronounced as exceed 28) and XCD35 . Also these mobiles come with Android 2.1 (code name Eclair) ,while most of the mobiles being shipped outside India comes with Android 2.3 (aka Gingerbread) or at worse Android 2.2 (Froyo). India is certainly catching up with Android but at its own pace.
Dell XCD35 Android 2.1 Mobile
Dell XCD35
So how are these mobiles ? what are their specifications and latest prices in India ? ...I will soon be posting XCD35 review here in Xeobits. Just hang tight 🙂 Update: for Dell XCD28's  features, specifications and latest price in India, visite here.

Uber new gingerbread (android 2.3) got burnt on old Samsung’s Galaxy S

Samsung Galaxy S
Samsung GalaxyS
In less than 48 hours, François Simond within android community got this going, he extracted the gingerbread ROM from the newly released Google’s Nexus S (hardware by Samsung) and got it working on old Galaxy S. Being the first attempt to burn Gingerbread, it is not 100% migration. Galaxy S with Gingerbread is not supporting WIFI and GPS currently. But soon this will be fixed soon given the proactive android community.
supercurio Galaxy S runningNexus S kernel and gingerbread switch off animation

Nexus S | The new Android phone from Google | Features | Price | Specifications

Successor of Nexus One : After the release of first Nexus early this year; Nexus S is the second offering  from search engine giant Google.Let us see how Nexus will be decked up when it is released on 16th Dec this year. Contour Surface : Among many first ,Google's Nexus S is first smart phone to introduce  AMOLED Contour Display . So what is this contour display ? If you look carefully at the below image of Nexus S , you will notice something curvy about its screen surface. This can be a new design paradigm shift for screens. It is being said that this new contour screen offers better handling and its easier to talk when the phone is near your ear.
Google's Nexus S curved phone contour surface
Google's Nexus S | Notice the contour surface
Android 2.3  (successor of android 2.2 froyo) aka Gingerbread : Google claimes it as an open mobile operating system and it is meant for developers , it is one of the best Androids available , with improved API for web app development and has better support for faster and better Games. Continue reading "Nexus S | The new Android phone from Google | Features | Price | Specifications"