Aaaksh Tablet To Get Dearer By $14 If Opted For Replacement Warranty

As the days are passing by, we are getting a better picture of of Aakash tablet gradually. In a recent report, Economy Times unearthed a bit more about pricing details of Aakash tablet. As per Suneet Singh Tuli,the CEO of Datawind, Government of India has asked the company for  replacement of Aakash tablet if anyone comes to company reporting a manufacturing defect.  Normally most of the companies do not give a replacement warranty on electronic gadgets. To meet with this replacement policy of Aakash tablet, Datawind will charge additional $14 to end users. Aakash Tablet   Continue reading "Aaaksh Tablet To Get Dearer By $14 If Opted For Replacement Warranty"

Aakash Tablet To Reach Pune By End Of November

Much awaited Aakash tablet is all ready for commercial sale. As per latest update from Datawind , Manufacturer of Aakash tablets, the company is right now busy in meeting the target production of 100,000 units of Aakash tablets. This first lot of tablets will be used for distribution into various schools and colleges across India through government channels. One can expect this tablet's availability at end of November, that is just after Diwali. Device will be made available in most of major cities. As per Datawind, Aakash will be available in Pune just after Diwali. World's Cheapest Tablet "Aakash" | India Continue reading "Aakash Tablet To Reach Pune By End Of November"

World’s Cheapest Tablet “Aakash” Is Here | Commercially Available For $60

The mystery tablet, claimed to be world's cheapest tablet PC running on android, is now available  for Indians. This tablet was launched by HRD minister Kapil Sibbal and it is branded as "Aakash" for Indian market. The first lot of 7000 of Aakash will be distributed in schools and colleges across India in coming days. Indian government is planning to distribute 1 crore (10 million) such tablets in near future. Aakash World's Cheapest Android Tablet Continue reading "World’s Cheapest Tablet “Aakash” Is Here | Commercially Available For $60"

Rs 1500 laptop (tablet) is ready for launch next week

In yet another award show ,we have yet another announcement from smiley Kapil Sibbal about expected launch of world's cheapest laptop (which is actually an linux tablet). As claimed, this revolutionary tablet will be available from second week of October. Now do not get jumpy as even if this tablet comes out it will be first distributed through schools and colleges across India. Tablet's availability  through shops and other medium is not yet known. World's cheapest tablet Continue reading "Rs 1500 laptop (tablet) is ready for launch next week"

Samsung Galaxy Note | 5.5 Inche Android Smartphone Tablet | Price And Specifications

When Samsung launched its 7 inch tablets  many purist, including Steve Jobs, criticized the form factor of these pony tablets. After almost one year, 7 Inch Samsung Galaxy Tab is a success.  Now one more time Samsung is playing its card on a new form factor for a tablet.  Samsung is all ready to introduce a super decked up tablet Samsung Galaxy Note. Calling Galaxy Note a tablet can be misleading as it can very well qualify for a super powerful smartphone.  If you want to use it as a phone, you need to have a big hand for sure. This new device has a 5.3 inches large display. As far as specifications are concerned, Samsung Galaxy Note can beat any boastful tablet/smartphone (read iPhone) which is available in market or is about to be launched. Lets see why this smartphone/tablet is a performance power house.
Samsung Galaxy Note
Samsung Galaxy Note
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Android Tablet PCs Available in India

This article will be updated frequently to accommodate any latest entry in tablet PCs, also there will be an update in case of price change in India.
India has always lagged behind in early release of new electronic gadgets. The latest incidence to confirm this was the very late arrival of iPad in India.  Apple started selling it in India just before the release of iPad 2 worldwide. Situation is even grimmer if we consider the latest slew of Android tablets available in US and Europe. Out of some 50 + currently available android tablets in US, only 2 are officially available in India. One is the Galaxy Tab 7 by Samsung and the other is Adam tablet by Notion Ink.  There are few other Android tablets available in India but they all can be categorized as Android smartphones with large screens. Android tablets in India Continue reading "Android Tablet PCs Available in India"

iPad 2 is now officially available in India | Price and specifications

Apple earned a bad name when it chose to ignore Indian market for iPad. Now it seems that Apple has learnt its lessons and is not ready to ignore 1.21 billion strong Indian Market for its newly released iPad2. Just 2 days back Apple India announced that iPad 2 will be available in India now. One interesting thing to note here is that in present times Apple is feeling the heat of immense competition in tablet market. The current generation of Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) based tablets from almost all major manufacturers are giving Apple a run for money.  Because of this Apple is now targeting markets where the presence of Android based tablets is almost nil and where better to land than India, where people have purchasing power and Honeycomb is not present here. This becomes even more evident if we observe that Apple has made no similar announcement for its iPhone 4 which is doing ok in sales in US and Europe markets.
Apple iPad2 now available in India
Apple iPad2 now available in India
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Sony Enters Into The Tablet Segment | Expects To Stand Close To Apple In A Year

Sony entered entertainment business pretty late but now has a significant market share. Is Sony going to recreate the same success story in tablet segment. Sony has announced that it will enter the nascent market of tablets PC. Sony is calling its tablet as " Sony Tablet". Now why such a simplistic name for tablets, Sony has created a series of electronic gadgets with their own brand name, like Sony laptops are better known as Sony Viao and who can forget the legendary "Sony Walkman" series.
Sony Tablet S1 and S2
Sony Tablet S1 and S2
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Dropbox Apps Get An Update For Android & iOS | Supports Bulk Upload

All the Dropbox fans get another reason to cheer up. Dropbox application for Android and iOS is now updated. This is not a cosmetic update, rather it is a functionality update, updated Dropbox now supports bulk upload in Android and iOS. This was much expected and missed functionality in Dropbox for Android and iOS.
dropbox for android and ios
Dropbox Interface
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HTC Flyer Coming Soon To European Market | Release Date & Price

There are not many 7 inch tablets in the market and its viability has always been questioned. The only noticeable slate which is 7 inch in size is Samsung's Galaxy Tab 7.  Galaxy Tab 7 touched 1.2 million mark in sales recently.  Now HTC is all ready to release its Flyer slate soon in European market. Flyer is a 7 inch tablet running on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and is expected to get an upgrade to Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) soon. This is a bit downer for many as most of the latest tablets are shipped with Honeycomb.
HTC Flyer Tablet
HTC Flyer Tablet
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