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How To Create A Form In Jotform To Send Files To Dropbox

Dropbox can be used in a number of ways. Many people use it for sharing and syncing files between different computers. Few people use it to share and store  files between their smartphone and computer.  Now consider a situation where you want others to send files directly to your Dropbox account. It is not necessary that everyone will have Dropbox client installed in their devices.  In this situation you can easily create a web form using well known form creation tool Jotform, this webform will allow anyone to upload files directly to your Dropbox account.  This Dropbox webform can be easily accessed from any device having internet connection. The best thing about this Dropbox form, created with help of Jotform, is its simplicity, all it takes is just to put the username and upload the required files. Dropbox logo Continue Reading

2 cents for programmers | Funny One

here is a funny picture I got while surfing some blog (I don't exactly remember the name of the blog, else would have given the credit- sorry). Hope you like this funny (ironic at the same time) picture.

So What Happen To Programmers After Death ??

Here is an interesting cartoon about a programmer's dilemma. As I am a software engineering I can see myself sitting there and listening to these two self inside me. cartoon where do programmer go after death So what do think where does a programmer go after death

Freedom from unwanted calls and SMS

Giving great relief to mobile users in India, today's newspapers read the advertisement from TRAI. According to this advertisement, now customers can opt for a full block on spam SMS and unwanted promotional/ ad calls. Here is the advertisement that came out in most of the major newspapers today.
trai advertisement freedom from unwanted calls and sms
Customers can now enjoy freedom from unwanted calls and sms
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