Speak Asia Online Press Conference | Raises More Doubts than It Clears

I  joined as a survey panelist in Speak Asia Online few days back. I was very clear about why I was  joining Speak Asia Online, I just wanted some quick money and was ready to take the risk involved with the initial investment of 11k rupees.  With the return of 1 k rupees each week, it should take 11 weeks (less than 3 months) to recover my investment. Before opening account in Speak Asia, I had read warning posts by Labnol.org and other bloggers but as the amount was 11 k rupees only, I went ahead to take my chances. Just 4 days after I opened my account, Star News gave this dreaded warning about Speak Asia,
"STAR News exposes Speak Asia Online. Following the STAR News expose on Speak Asia Online, BJP leader Kirit Somaiya decides to complain about the company to RBI and Sebi."
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Speak Asia Online | Selling Dreams
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Earn while you tweet | URL Shortener Services that pay

Yes thats true, there are some URL shortener services that actually pay you for using their services. Though the earnings will not make you feel any richer, still every buck counts. So how does it work, it is pretty simple to use such a service. All you need to do is to go to their respective home page and register one account. Now whenever you create a short URL and use it and when someone clicks that URL, you get paid. As you must be knowing that URL shortener services are mostly used while one tweets . Twitter has a limitation of 140 character count for any tweet, this makes it necessary to shorten any URL you are planning to post in Twitter.
How to monetize your tweets
monetize your tweets
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