USB connectivity of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

As the web gets flooded with new "hands on" videos and various previews and reviews of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 , one thing gets murkier ; its USB connectivity. Even though official specifications say that this new galaxy tab will have a USB 2.0 connectivity, people are not able to find a USB connector anywhere in the device. Many of the comments in Engadget review and on other popular technology blogs show the same concern, if there is no USB in Galaxy 10.1 people are not going to buy it.
samsung galaxy tab 10.1
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
After doing a bit of googling and watching various youtube videos, this is what i got to know about USB connectivity of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy Tab 10.1 has got a proprietary connector which does not look like usual USB connectors. The dock as shown in this video doubles as USB connector too.
samsung galaxy tab 10.1 usb connector
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 usb has a proprietary USB connector
being a handheld device, Galaxy Tab 10.1 will not be having any USB host properties. This means you can not attach external USB hard drive which requires power from USB source. Rather Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be USB client only. Once connected with the help of its docking station to USB port of a computer, Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be detected as an external storage device just like a pen drive. This will facilitate an easy data transfer for you when you don't have a WiFi or a 3G network. Read the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and iPad 2 Thickness war

6 thoughts on “USB connectivity of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

  1. cubanmaster Reply

    no USB?

    Everybody blamed Apple for no usb. Now no usb on gt. Nobody protests: silence.

    Lot of samsung fanboys, it seems

  2. Roger Reply

    Samsung has a history of using a single proprietary jack on its products and then providing a dongle that breaks it out to multiple ports and/or cables that convert the jack to a variety of other Jack types. (Look at the Samsung Omnia for an example.) So the apparent lack of a “visable” USB and HDMI jack is not last word on their presence.

    • Joe Reply

      The problem is that they use a proprietary cable for this, instead of using a standard PDMI connector. This locks out the possiblity of standardization, and therefore the unlikelyhood of third party products.

      I can only image they pulled an Apple in hopes of others using their implementations, so they can get license money per device using the Samsung adapter. Dell apparently uses standard PDMI (many though Samsung did also). So no interoperability with cables and peripherals.

      Sick decision. Samsung seems to be doing their part to split the non-Apple world. Idiots!

      America has Apple, Japan has Sony, and Korea has Samsung. When will this crap end. They can’t make enough cable and peripheral sales that this does more good for them than harm.

  3. Zenn Reply

    yeah, sick of ipad

    need seperate micro-SIM to connect to internet

    now Samsung follow suit

    the World is getting sicker by the day……

  4. Vince Reply

    I was about to buy it, but discovered that it doesn’t include an USB port. I would not buy any device that doesn’t have a standard USB port.

  5. Ante Reply

    Why can’t they just make a machine that do all the things we customers want it to do? Like having standard connections, let us use the whole web (not forbid us to use Flash/Java), let us see what ever movie we want in every format etc… Why do they all skip important features? The result is that they sell fewer units. I am not going to buy the TAB 10.1 because of this “Apple style” drawbacks. I will wait for my dream machine (hopefully with a 14 inch screen too)… And something tells me Microsoft is the company that will produce it…

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