Vodafone 555 Blue | Facebook Phone Now in India

You must have seen the new Vodafone blue mobile commercial " He's Always on Facebook". With more than 750 million active users on Facebook, it can be thought as a good business strategy to launch a dedicated mobile for facebook user. Well Vodafone is doing the same with  its new 555 Blue mobile. Recently Vodafone did a worldwide launch of this mobile. Vodafone 555 Blue was launched in UK and in India on same day.
Vodafone 555 Blue
Vodafone 555 Blue
Now don't expect wonders with this phone as this is a budget mobile phone. It is priced very moderately at Rs. 4950 in India. This is reasonable when you consider the majority of Facebook population is young (read college going or just entering a professional life) and this population is always short of some extra money.  Now lets see how does this mobile fare in hardware and other aspects. Facebook experience with Vodafone 555 Blue Facebook is integrated into Vodafone 555 Blue to its core. You will find a facebook option popping out at every corner of this phone- be it phone's special blue button for quick facebook launch or facebook option at every step of of phone menu navigation. When you start the phone for very first time, it will ask you for your facebook account credentials besides regular time zone and other settings. From this point on you can have a seamless facebook experience- be it checking your friends feed or a new album of Hawaii trip shared by your classmate. With the handy blue facebook button sitting at the bottom of the keyboard you can share / update or do most of the things.
Vodafone 555 Blue | Facebook special blue button
Vodafone 555 Blue | Facebook blue button
A downside of this facebook experience in Vodafone 555 Blue is its small 2.5 inch screen. Though screen is vibrant and is capable of reproducing nice images, it is way too small for a good web browsing experience. As a major part of facebook experience involves sharing and view of photographs and other media extensive files; this small size of display screen is not optimal for such media extensive browsing. Build and Hardware 555 Blue has a plastic body which is sturdy and has got a good and smooth finish. Device is pretty solid and will not fly to pieces even if dropped from a moderate height.  This device has a full QWERTY keyboard and the keyboard is well designed is easy to use. A full QWERTY keyboard comes very handy when you are hooked up with facebook and want to update/message something quickly. This mobile also has 4 other buttons just below the screen and an optical trackpad. These special buttons are for call making and cancelling and home key. Optical trackpad is a bit small and not sensitive enough. It takes considerable finger movement for page scrolling.
Vodafone 555 Blue Facebook Phone
Vodafone 555 Blue | Backside
Vodafone 555 Blue Side Views
Vodafone 555 Blue Side Views
Camera Backside of this mobile has a 2 mega pixel camera with single LED flash. Camera is not the strongest point of this mobile. Camera takes decent photos in good light conditions and overall quality of this camera is acceptable.  Backside also has speaker which is loud enough. Quality of the speaker is good too.  Also there is one silver Vodafone logo at the backside of the phone. Connectivity Vodafone 555 Blue is a 2 G phone. This mobile has GPRS / EDGE connectivity. It lacks 3G network and WiFi. A WiFi connectivity in this phone could have made this phone a must buy as surfing internet on a lousy GPRS connection is not the best experience. For PC connectivity this mobile has Bluetooth and a Micro USB slot. Overall Performance Vodafone 555 Blue has some nice features and given its price range other negativity can be justified. Overall the phone has a nice build and should prove durable even for rough usage. The potential buyers of this facebook phone are college going students who always want to be at their friend's wall. As this is not a smartphone but a feature phone, overall performance of this mobile is good. Vodafone Blue 555 Specifications in a nutshell
  • Processor:  200 MHz MediaTek processor
  • Display 2.4-inch colour display with 300 x 240 pixels
  • QWERTY Keypad with Optical navigation
  • Dedicated Facebook hotkey
  • Camera: 2-Megapixel Camera with flash
  • MusicMulti formats Music Player
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Music Player Formats: MP3, WMA, MIDI, AAC, AAC+ Player
  • Video Player FormatsMPEG4, H.263 Player
  • Memory: 40MB on-board memory
  • Expandable Memoryup to 16GB with microSD
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.1, MicroUSB 2.0
  • Battery1000mAh Battery
  • Talktime: up to 175 min
  • Standby Time: 324 hours
  • Dimensions: 61.1 x 110 x 12 mm
Price In India Vodafone 555 Blue is available for Rs. 4950.  You will get one year of free Facebook usage. Final Verdict 555 Blue is probably the second phone which is specially launched for facebook users. Before 555 Blue we had HTC's ChaCha which was designed specially considering facebook in mind. 555 Blue is an entry level feature phone which has good features. If you are not addicted to facebook and are looking for feature rich phone, probably Vodafone 555 Blue is not suitable for you; but if you live your life in facebook this is good deal for you.  

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