How To Disable Annoying Facebook News Ticker in Chrome and Firefox

There is a famous saying that "only change is permanent". Well this is not the case with recent changes brought by facebook.  The moment I noticed the news ticker on right side of my facebook page , only one thing came into my mind - " what the crap is this for". Well my attitude towards such changes in facebook might annoy hardcore facebook fans but dear why change a thing which is already working so fine ? For those who are blissfully ignorant about what I am talking about, let me explain a bit. Recently facebook has started a new feature of live news feed which runs as a ticker on the right sidebar of your facebook page. This news ticker gives you all the live updates about your friends. If any of your friend does any kind of change in their profile or if they post something new, this ticker gives you a snippet of these updates/changes. Now lets see how to disable Facebook news ticker Facebook News Ticker How to disable facebook news ticker in Chrome If you use Chrome as your primary browser then you can use Chrome extension to disable news ticker. You can download this Chrome Facebook News Ticker Remover here. Once you have installed faceboon news ticker remover, you will have to restart your facebook tab in Chrome. How to disable facebook news ticker in Firefox Your firefox will need the Greasemonkey Add-on. If you do not have Greasemonkey add-on already installed, you can download it here. After installing the add-on your firefox browser will prompt you to restart it. Once you are done with Greasemonkey add-on,  you need to go to this page to install "Remove Facebook Ticker Feed" script. all you need to do is to press the " Install Button" that appears on the right side of the page, if asked give all the required permission for this installation. That is it, facebook news feed is gone with this simple script. If you use these above tricks to disable facebook ticker in your facebook, let us all know about your experience by commenting here.

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