How to disable “light box” effect in Facebook albums

Recently Facebook has made some big changes in its user interface. Not all of these changes were taken positively by masses. One such change which I do not like personally is the new "light box" pop up view of album images. Facebook calls this effect as "theater view". Personally I find this new "theater view" as obtrusive in nature, it covers most of my screen adding no value addition to the over all viewing of normal friend's/family's albums. The biggest drawback of this change is that one can not opt to go back to earlier normal album view, which was much simpler and more fun to browse through. Facebook should have given its users an option to revert back these changes.
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Facebook | Always trying to introduce something new
How to get rid of light box pop up There are few tricks by which you can get rid of theater effect in Facebook albums, few of these tricks are persistent and others last long enough for current album only.lets enumerate these methods starting with the easiest one Flush IT This is the easiest and quickest method to get rid of the pop up window. All you need to do is -  just press F5 (or hit refresh button in the browser ) while browsing images in any Facebook album. This will take you to the old style album view mode. This will remain effective til you switch to another album.
Facebook | Light Box Effect
Facebook | Light Box Effect
Suppress it Whenever you open any image in an album it opens in a "light box" pop up by default. If you check the URL in your browser, you shall find that it ends with something similar to "&type=1&theater". Now all you need to do is to remove the "&theater" from the URL and press enter again. This will reload the image with old format. This will remain effective till you browse the current album. This is not the best solution, probably pressing a F5 is easier than doing all this stuff, still its a hack you can apply. Install browser extension If you want to suprress the theater effect permanently, you can install various browser extensions available for this purpose. Firefox users can install following add-on or Chrome users  can install following browser extension Though none of these solutions are perfect yet they give some respite from this annoying effect. The best solution should come from Facebook itself by providing its user an option to disable/enable these options.

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    Thanks for the tips…i was wondering why facebook did not give any option to revert back to old format..

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