How To Disable Buzzdock / Pagerage from Google Search

Few days back I was fiddling with my Facebook layout. I wanted to give it a different look. I googled for it and found one alternative to change Facebook look and feel. So I installed Yontoo Layers facebook layout. Everything went fine and I got some colorful background for my Facebook. But there was something that came for free with Yontoo. And it was annoying like anything. The problem with such applications is that while you install them, they try to change your other application without your knowledge.  I got something called buzzdock automatically enabled in my chrome browser. Now whenever I searched for anything; the first result was ads and other stuff by buzzdock. Yontoo / Pagerage / Buzzdock ads in Google Search   A Full Blown Buzzdock Ad in Google Search Chrome How To Disable / Uninstall Pagerage or Buzzdock You can disable these annoying ads very easily. All you have to do is to go to while you are using Chrome. On Yontoo homepage there are few option on top. Click on the option "app settings" as shown below. Yantoo Buzzdock ads in Google Search On the very next page you get options to enable or disable various tools of Yontoo Layer. From here you can disable buzzdock and pagerage. Pagerage Buzzdock ads in Google Search  

One thought on “How To Disable Buzzdock / Pagerage from Google Search

  1. Vlecon Pongwin Reply

    First thing, excellent write up and great blog site! =) I went to the link you posted ( and I installed the Yontoo Layers client.

    At first glance it looked like buzzdock was just a bunch of links to some popular websites, but after I installed it I could see why Buzzdock could be pretty useful.

    I went to my google homepage and entered a search and the buzzdock (app) thing appeared. I clicked on it and I was actually pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to use. I had instant access to youtube videos and they all related to what i had typed in as my google search. I clicked the twitter link and it showed people tweeting about it too. I thought that was kinda cool. Some of the other applications didnt interest me, but the youtube and twitter feature on my google homepage is a welcomed plus =)

    The ads are kind of annoying but easy to overlook. I guess its a small cost to pay for a free app! I saw some other Yontoo apps on the list as well. Some of those apps look pretty useful, like the pagerage facebook layouts or the best video downloader youtube thing. Ill give it a more thoughout check later and let you know what i think about those.


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