How To Import All Your Facebook Contacts To Gmail & Yahoo! Mail

Sometime back in November 2010 Google was super pissed off at Facebook. This was because of Facebook's attempt to import Gmail data without Google's consent. apparently Facebook thinks of "one way" data traffic, it takes data from wherever possible but when it comes to sharing the user data with others Facebook shows a big middle finger. Google even made some public remarks regarding this issue. "We’re disappointed that Facebook didn’t invest their time in making it possible for their users to get their contacts out of Facebook. As passionate believers that people should be able to control the data they create, we will continue to allow our users to export their Google contacts." - Google Google, Yahoo! and many others allow a free flow of data from one to other. This reflects one philosophy - if you have created the data, you should be able to use it the way you want. On the contrary, Facebook uses others data but it never lets others use it data.
facebook using gmail data
Facebook uses Gmail, Yahoo! contact to populate its data
Now as a common Facebook user we sometimes want to export our friend's email addresses and other contact data to services like Gmail, Yahoo etc but because of Facebook's stubborn practices there is no official way to do it. But there are alternate ways to export your entire Facebook contacts to Gmail and Yahoo! mail. Install Chrome extension : This is not the best method yet it gives the desired results. All you need to do is install this Google Chrome extension once you install this extension you can login into your Facebook account using Chrome. Now you will get one additional option "Export Friends!" in the top most menu as shown in below image. This extension will allow you to get your friends information that they shared to you:
  • Name
  • Emails
  • Phone numbers
  • Screen names
  • Websites
  • Address
  • Birthdays
You can save contacts in either CVS format or in Gmail Contacts directly (It will place them into a folder called "Imported from Facebook"). The problem with this method is that it is painfully slow. It will take 1 hours or so to import 500 friend's list. Also it is not clear how Facebook will react to this. As this is kind of a brute force method to get one's contact list Facebook might take it other wise!! Get Email Addresses Via Yahoo Mail! This is a more neat method to achieve the same. Yahoo! mail has got an inbuilt functionality to fetch contact details from Facebook. Since it is Yahoo! who is allowing us to get these contact details, it should be perfectly legal too. For importing the contact data from Facebook you need to go to  Here you need to go to your Facebook account by clicking on the Facebook option. A login popup will give you an option to login into your Facebook account, this will take 1 minute or so to import your entire contact list. Once you are finished importing the email addresses list into Yahoo, you can go to this link ( to export this list in CVS format. You can import this CVS formatted contact list into Gmail , into your mobile contacts, into  LinkedIn etc. For me both these tricks worked perfectly, let me know if you were successful in importing "your" contact data to your Gmail account.

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    Great tip. Am wondering though if it is possible to do the same for my fans on my company page?

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