How To Take Screenshot In Android 2.2

iOS has some great functionality which we miss badly in Android, like for iOS there are number of apps which can let you take screenshots easily and one need not to jailbreak their devices to install these screenshot apps. Unfortunately this is not the case with Android devices. Upto Android 2.1 there was only one way to take the screenshot without rooting your device . One had to use DDMS through Android SDK to take screenshots. There are applications (like ShootMe ) available for Android devices but all of them require a rooted device. Surprisingly all Samsung Android (2.2 (Froyo) or later ) smartphone and tablets have screenshot capability inbuilt. If you have a Samsung mobile which is running on Android 2.2 or later, you can follow these easy steps to take a screenshot. 1. Make sure you have the desired screen on the display. 2. Press Back + Home buttons at the same time.
press home and back together to take screenshot
press home and back together to take screenshot
You will get a notification "Screen captured. Saved as image file." 3. Now you can navigate to My Files --> Screencapture, here you will find all your screenshots. This is easy enough method to take screenshots and works well in Samsung smartphones. If you are aware of similar screenshot capability by other Android devices, please share your knowledge by commenting here.

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