Should We Turn Off Kindle After Reading?

Recently I was discussing with one of my friend who had just bought Amazon Kindle 3. Our topic of discussion was Kindle only. I have got my Kindle 3 some 4 months back and I am simply in love with this device. I have read with Kindle twice as much as I would have with paperbacks. Now where ever I go, my kindle is always with me. Coming back to discussion with my friend, he asked me something interesting about kindle. He question was "how do i turn off my kindle".  I answered him with another question " why you need to turn off kindle" Amazon Kindle 3 Yes! the answer to this question is as simple as this. You are not supposed to switch off your Kindle. Many skeptics wil still argue that if one does not switch off a device (Kindle here) , it will burn the battery.  Well this does not work this way, if Amazon Kindle is in sleep mode it does not consume any power. In sleep mode the Kindle is simply not doing anything at all. The screensaver you see on display, when your kindle is in sleep mode, is a one time activity done by Kindle. It creates one image on screen and stops doing anything after that, the screen does not requires power to display a still image. This is what Amazon has to say about this "You do not need to power down Kindle 2/3 between reading sessions, it is best to leave the device in sleep mode. Holding the switch at the top to power the device off is similar to pulling the power cord on your computer without shutting down the Operating System. If you turn the device off while in the middle of the book, the device cannot save that location. We save the location when the device goes into sleep mode or when you leave the book, so if you do need to power the device off then be sure to go to the Home screen first - this will save your last place in the book." There is one more concern about keeping Kindle in sleep mode. I have read about people raising questions about possibility of screen burns (read about screen burn) if we leave a fixed screen for a prolonged period in Kindle . Screen burns were a problem with many screen technology but not with this new E Ink screen which is used in Amazon Kindle. Leaving your Kindle in sleep mode for prolonged period is completely safe. If you are facing problems with your Kindle, shoot your question here in comment box. I will try to resolve your query.

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