WinRAR | A Handy File Splitter

I am not sure if this problem is with everyone but somehow all my attachments which are bigger than 10 MB or so fail to get attached in Gmail. It’s pretty annoying knowing that maximum limit of attachment is 25 MB still I am not able to attach smaller files.

I know yahoo mail has got better support for big file attachment but who wants to leave the Gmail and switch to cluttered Yahoo!? This frustration led me to search for alternate ways to send that PDF which my friend was waiting for.

A quick Google for of the term “file splitter” gave me an overwhelming   1,440,000 results!!  I decided to check out this result .First search result lead to, offering a nice little free tool of just 627 kb size. This tool does the job just the way one expects splitting the files and joins the parts back together. It gives you the freedom to set your own size of the chunk.

A second search result gave me one of the smallest file splitter available, developed by WhiteSoft. This splitter is just of 41 kb size.
All these tools are great but they have one drawback-you have to download them and in worst case you are required to install them.

Wound not it be nice to have a tool that is already installed in your system, which is well known thus posing no threat of malwares? The same question came to my mind and after few more searches I got the best solution for my problem – the ubiquitous Winrar tool.

And the best thing is not just splitting files…WinRAR compresses files while splitting it – and you get file chunks of your desired size and a compression of 25 % or more (I split my 119 MB PDF into 10 MB chunks of total size 90 MB …that’s a cool 25 % compression. )

How to split your files: If you have WinRAR already installed into your system ,just right click while your required file is selected.

Just enter the desired file size as shown in below image

Entering 10000k will give you a file size of around 9.8 MB per chunk.This will create chunks of the original file.

How to splice these chunks: getting the original file from these chunks is easy …just right click the first chunk created and choose the option “extract files”.

That’s it …as easy as file splitting can get…

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