Fate Of URL Shortening Services Is Doomed? t.co Is Here

Recently micro blogging site twitter added yet another feature in its tools. Now one can shorten URLs automatically within twitter editor itself.  Earlier people who had to post URLs in their tweets, opted for URL shortening services like bit.ly or adf.ly and many other similar services. twitter Why one needs to shorten URL in tweeter ? Twitter is a micro blogging website. Unlike other blogging platforms, twitter has a limitation on the length of blogs. Twitter has a limit of 140 character long blogs only. This means whatever you want to write in twitter it has to be within 140 characters limit. Now many a times you may want to post a URL in your tweet. This URL can be of some breaking news or it can be a URL of some great resource you found on internet and want to share it with your tweet followers. Most of the times these URLs will themselves be almost 140 characters long, leaving no room for your message. In such cases a URL shortening service comes handy by allowing you to replace long URL with a shorter URL. Now Twitter users will not have to use any other service to shorten their URLs. Twitter will automatically shorten any URL in a tweet. Twitter will be using its new "t.co" URL to shorten other URLs.  Currently not all accounts in Twitter have this service enabled, but Twitter is rolling out this URL shortening service worldwide soon.
Twitter's automatic URL shortening service
Twitter's automatic URL shortening service
There are slew of URL shortening services. bit.ly and adf.ly are among few popular services.  With the start of Twitter's own automatic URL service, what is the future of other such services?  Most of these services were successful because of their usefulness in sites like Twitter and facebook, now as Twitter is rolling out a better service for the same and lets assume facebook will also have similar service sooner or later,URL shortening website's future will surely be doomed.

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