Freedom from unwanted calls and SMS

Giving great relief to mobile users in India, today's newspapers read the advertisement from TRAI. According to this advertisement, now customers can opt for a full block on spam SMS and unwanted promotional/ ad calls. Here is the advertisement that came out in most of the major newspapers today.
trai advertisement freedom from unwanted calls and sms
Customers can now enjoy freedom from unwanted calls and sms
Procedure for blocking these spammy advertisements is easy. One can block SMS and unwanted calls completely or one can opt for specific category of these calls and SMS. TRAI has categories SMS and telemarketing calls into 8 categories. These categories are
  1. Blocked (No Telemarketing Call /SMS)  (SMS "START 0" on 1909)
  2. Banking / Insurance / Financial products/Credit cards (SMS "START 1" on 1909)
  3. Real Estate (SMS "START 2" on 1909)
  4. Education (SMS "START 3" on 1909)
  5. Health (SMS "START 4" on 1909)
  6. Consumer goods and automobiles (SMS "START 5" on 1909)
  7. Communication/ Broadcasting / Entertainment / IT (SMS "START 6" on 1909)
  8. Tourism and Leisure (SMS "START 7" on 1909)
there are two ways to block unwanted sms and calls. THROUGH VOICE CALL :Call '1909' for registration of preference / change of preference.


  • For registration of preference, send SMS in the format "START <option(s)>" to 1909 e.g. to receive SMSs from option 'Real Estate', send SMS in the format "START 2" to 1909.
  • You can choose to receive SMSs from multiple options e.g. to receive SMSs from options 'Education1 and 'Health*, send SMS in the format "START 3,4" to 1909.
  • If '0' is sent with any other option(s), it will be treated as 'fully blocked' preference. For example, SMS "START 0,2,3" to 1909, shall be considered as fully blocked option.
  • For change of Preference, send SMS in the format "STOP <option(s)>" to stop the existing options and START <option(s)> to 1909 to start new options.
Just after reading this advertisement in Times of India today, I tried sending "START 0" on my Airtel number.  To my surprise Airtel is having options of 1 to 7 only. There is no option "0" right now. This means you can not completely block these spammy advertisements in Airtel. I am wondering how is this on other carriers ? If any of you successfully availed this service, lets us all know how you did it and what is your mobile carrier.

2 thoughts on “Freedom from unwanted calls and SMS

  1. Samik Reply

    I tried START 0 in my vodafone. 1909 replied “we are unable to process your request, please try again later”.

    • Brijesh Kalliyath Padmanabhan Reply

      I tried it with BSNL mobile with 0, they returned message to confirm it once again by sending another SMS YES or NO and when opted YES, they confirmed “Your request for Do Not Disturb Service receive. Please wait for URN No within 24 Hours – BSNLMOBILE”
      BSNL Scores over other private service providers.
      Kudos to BSNL

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