Speak Asia Online Press Conference | Raises More Doubts than It Clears

I  joined as a survey panelist in Speak Asia Online few days back. I was very clear about why I was  joining Speak Asia Online, I just wanted some quick money and was ready to take the risk involved with the initial investment of 11k rupees.  With the return of 1 k rupees each week, it should take 11 weeks (less than 3 months) to recover my investment. Before opening account in Speak Asia, I had read warning posts by Labnol.org and other bloggers but as the amount was 11 k rupees only, I went ahead to take my chances. Just 4 days after I opened my account, Star News gave this dreaded warning about Speak Asia,
"STAR News exposes Speak Asia Online. Following the STAR News expose on Speak Asia Online, BJP leader Kirit Somaiya decides to complain about the company to RBI and Sebi."
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After taking the initial shock and resenting my fate, I was pretty sure that my money was already in deep waters. Just 2 days back I got one SMS from SAOL (read Speak Asia Online), announcing some sort of press conference to clear the clouds. The message itself was funny claiming things like "speakasia fights back". Anywho, I saw a faint light at the end of the tunnel, giving me the slightest possibility to recover my 11 k rupees. There was an announcement from SAOL that the press conference will be available live on the SAOL website. To my dismay, there was no streaming video or anything of the press conference. Anyway I waited to watch the same on various news channels and again to my dismay all I could watch was Star News thrashing SAOL. I saw clips of the press conference as shown by Star News. Heads of SAOL seemed to me a formidable lot. There was one gentleman who was readily passing questions or answering vaguely to the direct questions raised by media persons. The person sitting next looked like "Shakaal" in movie Shaan.  The only positive thing that came out of the press conference for me was that SAOL claims to setup 5 offices in India by August. As such I am not happy about SAOL offices, but I have a slight inkling that the company might stay alive for next 3 - 4 coming months. That would be enough time to get my money back!!! Have you invested your money in Speak Asia Online too ? If yes than please try to console me by giving some assurance that the company will keep on running for few more months!!! Also let me know what others think about this tussle between Star News and SAOL?

4 thoughts on “Speak Asia Online Press Conference | Raises More Doubts than It Clears

  1. anuhit Reply

    Speak ASIA in India neither have any official Office nor its a registered company. Its really a fraud company, for all who have invested their precious hard earned money, its a big loss to them!

    There’s no EASY Money, as well said by someone, there is no substitution to hardwork!

  2. Rakesh Reply

    Hello Friend,

    I have been doing surveys from Speak asia for the last 6 months and invested a lot more than 11k. So far I haven’t faced any problems from Speak asia and they have their own servers to run the surveys. So far, the payments were very clear and up to date. No delay at all. So if you wish to clarify your doubts you can contact me through sms. My number is:9986625440(Bangalore number). First send an sms then only call, otherwise I may not attend the phone call, thinking that it’s just another call from any job consultancy

  3. Sreejesh @techgyo Reply

    Not only Star News, many internet blogs have declared Speak Asia as a spam company. It has already lost its face. And no effort from his part is going to save them now.

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