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If you have even slightest idea about search engine optimization, you must be knowing what  it is all about. Every effort put by an SEO person is to achieve that coveted number 1 rank in the search engine. Why being on number 1 in any search result so important, after all there are 9 more positions on Google's first page. In a recent study by Optify, the answer becomes clearer. It is no more sufficient to just rank on first page, one has to rank number 1 to get most out of the traffic. If you are happily ranked 2 for your keyword, you should not become complacent because there is a job to be done. The reason being is that there is a huge difference in the click through rates (CTR)  between number 1 spot and number 2 spot. In the study carried out by Otify, it is stated that number 1 result for any keyword search gets the biggest chunk of 36.4 % of the total organic traffic. Search result on 2nd number gets 12..5% of the total organic traffic. The CTR becomes more and more grim if you are ranked 3rd or less.  The below info-graphic shows this study result in clear manner.

Google Click Through Rate Graphic

2 thoughts on “Number One Gets The Lion’s Share in Google Search| SEO Watch

  1. HackTik Reply

    Nice one on SEO. However, getting on to no 1 is not that easy . Requiers lots of hard work, effort and patience.

    • admin Reply

      I agree that it is not easy to rank 1 in a search result. But SEO is all about getting that coveted spot…and all our effort we put in SEO is about number 1 spot only. Given the traffic share of 36.4% it is worth the effort. It is probably more important for niche sites whose fate decides on their specific keyword.

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