Cheapest Kindle WiFi Ever | Now Only For $79

This can not get any better. Amazon has come up with all new WiFi Kindle at an unbelievable price. New Kindle WiFi has everything you need in a ebook reader; it has 6 inches E-Ink display and is feather light in weight.  If you have been thinking of buying Kindle and were not ready to pay $139, this is the right time for you to go ahead and buy this awesome ebook reader. I have a 6 inches Kindle and I use it for most of my reading. Now I will buy 2 more of these $79 WiFI Kindle as a gift to my brother and sister. If you are wondering what this new WiFi kindle has for you, let me tell you about its features.
New Amazon Kindle WiFi
New Amazon Kindle WiFi
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Should We Turn Off Kindle After Reading?

Recently I was discussing with one of my friend who had just bought Amazon Kindle 3. Our topic of discussion was Kindle only. I have got my Kindle 3 some 4 months back and I am simply in love with this device. I have read with Kindle twice as much as I would have with paperbacks. Now where ever I go, my kindle is always with me. Coming back to discussion with my friend, he asked me something interesting about kindle. He question was "how do i turn off my kindle".  I answered him with another question " why you need to turn off kindle" Amazon Kindle 3 Continue reading "Should We Turn Off Kindle After Reading?"