Android Tablet PCs Available in India

This article will be updated frequently to accommodate any latest entry in tablet PCs, also there will be an update in case of price change in India.
India has always lagged behind in early release of new electronic gadgets. The latest incidence to confirm this was the very late arrival of iPad in India.  Apple started selling it in India just before the release of iPad 2 worldwide. Situation is even grimmer if we consider the latest slew of Android tablets available in US and Europe. Out of some 50 + currently available android tablets in US, only 2 are officially available in India. One is the Galaxy Tab 7 by Samsung and the other is Adam tablet by Notion Ink.  There are few other Android tablets available in India but they all can be categorized as Android smartphones with large screens. Android tablets in India Continue reading "Android Tablet PCs Available in India"

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 Vs Apple’s iPad 2 | “Thickness” War

Gone are the days when “mine is bigger than yours” used to be a thing of pride, now things have taken a 180 degree turn and “bigger” has been replaced by “thinner”. The “thinner” you have, more popular you become. At least it is working for Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab 10.1.
Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 is sleek
Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 is sleek
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