Packard Bell Resurrecting Again With a “Yet Another Android Tablet”

No, it is not a love child of Bell Systems and Hewlett Packard. If you press your memory a bit harder than you may remember that Packard Bell used to make some crappy looking personal computers in yesteryears. Yes, that same company somehow survived this cruel world (company did well in Europe ) and is now offering a range of laptops. If you dont believe me, here is the company website - go and check yourself . Well now Packard and Bell is entering into the dense jungle of tablets. Packard and Bell has named its tablet as " Liberty", here are few pics of this tablet.
Packard Bell's new tablet Liberty
Packard Bell's new tablet Liberty
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Wimax version of Samsung Nexus S (4G) is coming on 18th April

Samsung is all set to launch its Nexus S 4G soon, some say it may be as soon as 18th April. This will be released by Samsung and mobile career is Sprint.Most likely Samsung Nexus S will not be very different from its earlier version, Nexus S. it will be having the same 4-inch Super AMOLED display, a 5 megapixel camera and a  front-facing camera), 1 GHz dual core processor , 512 MB of RAM (here Samsung can surprise us by boosting RAM to 1GB), Wi-Fi b/g/n with mobile hotspot, NFC for contactless payments(Google is banking heavily on this new technology), GPS, and runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread. android logo Continue reading "Wimax version of Samsung Nexus S (4G) is coming on 18th April"

Check Your Website’s Speed By Google’s New Tool

Google makes some 450+ changes in its search algorithm every year. Most of these changes never get noticed and affect a very small amount of search volume. Biggest change in recent history was for “content forms”, affecting some 15% of the entire search volume.  Google always makes changes for a better search experience. For this Google checks more than 200+ signals from various corners of internet to decide a result for any query. Google makes timely changes in these 200+ signals, sometimes dropping few signals and sometimes adding signals which reflect new trends in internet. One such signal that Google incorporated recently is a websites speed. According to research conducted by Google with MIT, 49% of the users switch to other sites if a site is loading slower.  Just have a look at the detailed research results. search engine optimization research data website speed Continue reading "Check Your Website’s Speed By Google’s New Tool"

Android 3.0 Honeycomb unveiled at CES 2011 by Google

Here is the sneak preview of much awaited Android 3.0 Honeycomb. Google unveiled its new operating system specially built for larger screens of tablets at CES 2011 . Google was under immense pressure to release Honeycomb in CES if it were to attract tablet manufactures. Currently most of the tablets, like Samsung's Galaxy Tab, run on earlier releases of Android which were not designed for larger screens of tablets. This led to a patchy and comic book like large icons and graphics in current  Android based tablets.

HTC Thunderbolt | Misses 1.2 GHz speed | Specifications

The bubble burst to disappoint many people waiting for HTC Thunderbolt when HTC announced its specs. The most awaited was the Qualcomm's dual-core Snapdragon MSM8960 expected to run at lightening speed of 1.2GHz. Well the news is that Qualcomm is not going to finish its work on MSM8960 anytime before the end of 2011,so there is no question of any mobile phone having it in 2011. First mobiles having these processors will roll out only in 2012.
HTC Thunderbolt | 4G | Android 2.2 with htc sense
HTC Thunderbolt | 4G | Android 2.2 with htc sense
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Gingerbread burnt on iPhone 3G

It was expected,but it will happen so soon was not expected.A  group of hackers (undisclosed) has reported that they have successfully burnt Android 2.3,aka Gingerbread, on iPhone 3G with the help of  already available OpeniBoot. If you have been following alternative OS scene for iPhones , you must already be familiar with the news of hackers using OpeniBoot  for running linux and Android 2.2 (Froyo) on iPhones. Some news sources are reporting that it was Nick Pack and few other hackers who ported Gingerbread on iPhone . Here is the video that was released on youtube showing an iPhone running on Gingerbread , Android 2.3.
While watching this YouTube posting, it is evident that this Android 2.3 port on iPhone is running pretty slow, also it is not shown if one can make calls or not. This is just the first attempt so we should remain patient for some more time to see all the must have features running with Gingerbread burnt iPhone.

Android Honeycomb is a minor release 2.4, not 3.0

google android 2.4 aka honeycomb
Google Android 2.4 aka Honeycomb
Ever Since Google first announced that Android 2.3 is not meant for tablets and it will soon be releasing an Android specially designed for tablets, there has been market speculation about the new release of Android 3.0. Google’s next tablet operating system “Honeycomb” is not 3.0 as expected but a 2.4 in line with last release Gingerbread 2.3. This rumor about the version of Android was first reported in Android & Me. The source of this rumor, as claimed by Android & Me, is a Google developer who is working on various Android development projects. Continue reading "Android Honeycomb is a minor release 2.4, not 3.0"

Uber new gingerbread (android 2.3) got burnt on old Samsung’s Galaxy S

Samsung Galaxy S
Samsung GalaxyS
In less than 48 hours, François Simond within android community got this going, he extracted the gingerbread ROM from the newly released Google’s Nexus S (hardware by Samsung) and got it working on old Galaxy S. Being the first attempt to burn Gingerbread, it is not 100% migration. Galaxy S with Gingerbread is not supporting WIFI and GPS currently. But soon this will be fixed soon given the proactive android community.
supercurio Galaxy S runningNexus S kernel and gingerbread switch off animation