How To Delete Bulk Spammy Comments In WordPress

One of the difficult tasks in maintaining a blog is to delete spam comments regularly. As your blog gets more and more traffic, it becomes target of spam bots. Unless you have real good spam filters, even your moderately successful blog can be flooded with hundreds of spam comments in a day.  For past few weeks I was busy preparing  competitive exams and during this period my comment approval queue was more than 10000. Now as there was no feasible way to check all these comments to filter out genuine comments, I decided to clean the queue by deleting all the pending comments.

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How To Disable Annoying Facebook News Ticker in Chrome and Firefox

There is a famous saying that "only change is permanent". Well this is not the case with recent changes brought by facebook.  The moment I noticed the news ticker on right side of my facebook page , only one thing came into my mind - " what the crap is this for". Well my attitude towards such changes in facebook might annoy hardcore facebook fans but dear why change a thing which is already working so fine ? Continue reading "How To Disable Annoying Facebook News Ticker in Chrome and Firefox"

Search Engine Optimization of Images in Your Blog

When I started blogging a year ago, I was startled to see how easy it was to rank in Google image search. This was the time when I was struggling to get better rankings for my travel site in Google web  search. Something was wonderfully right for me . Most of my images were fetching me the desired traffic to my website when my web search traffic was dismal. Even after a year, whenever I post any image, it gets indexed in Google image search faster and gets good search engine ranking. So what is the thing that I am doing right that others are not doing with their images ? Search Engine Optimization Continue reading "Search Engine Optimization of Images in Your Blog"

How to disable “light box” effect in Facebook albums

Recently Facebook has made some big changes in its user interface. Not all of these changes were taken positively by masses. One such change which I do not like personally is the new "light box" pop up view of album images. Facebook calls this effect as "theater view". Personally I find this new "theater view" as obtrusive in nature, it covers most of my screen adding no value addition to the over all viewing of normal friend's/family's albums. The biggest drawback of this change is that one can not opt to go back to earlier normal album view, which was much simpler and more fun to browse through. Facebook should have given its users an option to revert back these changes.
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Facebook | Always trying to introduce something new
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WinRAR | A Handy File Splitter

I am not sure if this problem is with everyone but somehow all my attachments which are bigger than 10 MB or so fail to get attached in Gmail. It’s pretty annoying knowing that maximum limit of attachment is 25 MB still I am not able to attach smaller files.

I know yahoo mail has got better support for big file attachment but who wants to leave the Gmail and switch to cluttered Yahoo!? This frustration led me to search for alternate ways to send that PDF which my friend was waiting for.

A quick Google for of the term “file splitter” gave me an overwhelming   1,440,000 results!!  I decided to check out this result .First search result lead to, offering a nice little free tool of just 627 kb size. This tool does the job just the way one expects splitting the files and joins the parts back together. It gives you the freedom to set your own size of the chunk.