Search Engine Optimization of Images in Your Blog

When I started blogging a year ago, I was startled to see how easy it was to rank in Google image search. This was the time when I was struggling to get better rankings for my travel site in Google web  search. Something was wonderfully right for me . Most of my images were fetching me the desired traffic to my website when my web search traffic was dismal. Even after a year, whenever I post any image, it gets indexed in Google image search faster and gets good search engine ranking. So what is the thing that I am doing right that others are not doing with their images ? Search Engine Optimization Continue reading "Search Engine Optimization of Images in Your Blog"

Check Your Website’s Speed By Google’s New Tool

Google makes some 450+ changes in its search algorithm every year. Most of these changes never get noticed and affect a very small amount of search volume. Biggest change in recent history was for “content forms”, affecting some 15% of the entire search volume.  Google always makes changes for a better search experience. For this Google checks more than 200+ signals from various corners of internet to decide a result for any query. Google makes timely changes in these 200+ signals, sometimes dropping few signals and sometimes adding signals which reflect new trends in internet. One such signal that Google incorporated recently is a websites speed. According to research conducted by Google with MIT, 49% of the users switch to other sites if a site is loading slower.  Just have a look at the detailed research results. search engine optimization research data website speed Continue reading "Check Your Website’s Speed By Google’s New Tool"