IBM introduces fastest transistor | Graphene to power future computers ?

In a recent DARPA project, mainframe giant IBM unveiled fastest transistor on earth, taking the speed to a mind boggling 155 GHz. IBM holds earlier transistor speed record too, earlier fastest transistor was clocked at 100 GHz. Supposedly IBM is working with a new material known as Graphene, instead of usual silicon for making this fastest transistor.So whats the big deal with fastest transistors? well to say the least this new technology can make your future tablets go crazy with speed. The main component of any computer is its CPU which consists of billions of transistors carved on a silicon wafer.
Graphene molecule
A Graphene molecule
If we replace silicon with graphene with this new emerging technology, we can make 50 times faster CPUs. These new CPUs will not only run faster but they will consume lesses power too. Since this technology is still in its nascent stage, don't expect it to come too soon in your next speed hungry gadget.
A bendable electronic gadget made by graphene
A bendable electronic gadget made by graphene
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