Angry Birds | most addictive iPhone game I ever played

This game is insane, first impression one gets after playing a few slingshots is of "yet another iPhone game"...but just hold, play few more slingshots , yeah, now you get it- this is what i am talking about. It binds you with a super adhesive glue with its super cleverly designed levels, with its awesome puzzles.
Angry Birds best iPhone game
Angry Birds | One of the best iPhone game
Rules of the Angry Birds are pretty easy. You play as an angry bird and you just need to wipe out green pigs who have stolen all your eggs. Your weapon is just a slingshot which catapults your birds. While flying above green little pigs you need to either blow the birds, or drop droppings (or whatever they drop). While the game play sounds easy, puzzles are not always easy. The vile green pigs who keep on grunting with a hint of smile are fortified, sometimes too well. I remember being stuck in one of the levels for two days.
While searching for solution to the puzzle in one of the levels, I came to know that Angry Birds is number 1 paid iPhone game in more than 100 countries. Well this is well deserved, this game is funny and serious at the same time.Little birds with anger on their faces look rather cute and over all animation level for such a game is top notch. Though it does not set any new standards as far as graphics or other visual effects are concerned, it leaves many of the multi-million dollar games way behind in terms of player's  engagement. With excruciating details physical laws, puzzles are engrossing.
This game is made by a small company Rovio , and is priced at .99 c in iTunes app store. This price tag is rather too small for such a good game.If you have not played this awesome game yet, you are missing hell lot of fun . Go and grab it. This game now runs on all major plateforms like iOs, Android , Symbian , palm pre, and on  PC also.

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