Hackers completely off the hook | Playstation 3 gets its share of jailbreak!!!!

For those who are joining this party late , this is already a party in full swing.PS3 got hacked , patched by Sony , then hacked again. This all started sometime back  around April this year  and by our own genius -George Hotz (also known as Geohot ) ,the same person who gave us blackra1n  the jailbreak for iphones/ipod touch …. “thats a pretty secure system … Took 5 weeks, 3 in Boston, 2 here, very simple hardware cleverly applied, and some not so simple software.” - George Hotz
George Hotz (geohot) Guy behind jailbreaks for playstation 3 and iphone , ipod touch
George Hotz | Guy behind jailbreaks for playstation 3 and iphone , ipod touch
Yes that’s true … once an invincible system…Playstation3 is now modchipped...and is playing all the homebrew softwares and all the games you backed up on your external hard disks (Check out my next blog on how to take game backups in Playstation3 ).
Latest Playstation 3 comes with firmware v 3.5
Latest Playstation 3 comes with firmware v 3.5
Now lets see what are the available jailbreaks for playstation 3.
USB Dongles: There is a whole slew of USB dongles claiming a plug n play type of usability. PS Jailbreaker being the first of the lot comes now in just 20$.there are others with price range of 25-35$ .Most of them do the job just right, at least up to firmware v3.1. Though newer dongles claim to jailbreak firmware V3.41 and 3.5 but it is not clear how many of them will really do the job. (PSGroove and PSFreedom work with v3.5 firmware).
USB dongle for playstation 3 jailbreak
USB dongles for playstation 3 jailbreak |
These USB dongles do not support new firmware versions (3.41 & 3.5)
This nice little video gives a quick USB dongle installation walkthrough
Jailbreak with IPhone / IPod Touch / IPad : It seems there is no end to what an Iphone/Ipod touch can do.It plays music,plays videos,displays images,runs cool games,runs all sort of apps and now it can be used in jailbreaking playstation 3.Process of jailbreaking with Iphone is not that simple , one needs fair amount of experience in dealing with apps like openssh , openiboot  , vmware and jailbreaking iphone itself with blackra1n. In my next few blogs , I ll write about how to do it but for now here is  video which shows what exactly can be done with a jailbroken iphone.
Jailbreaking PS3 with Android mobiles / with Calculators !!! This is insane , but very true. One can jailbreak PS3 firmaware V3.41 and even 3.5 with a calculator !! Here is a proof..
Few words of wisdom – If you have your Playstation 3 with firmware 3.1 or lower ,just be happy and don’t jump blindly into upgrading to a newer version of firmware just for the sake of doing it.Do it if you really need to do it. Older versions of firmware are in a better place when it comes to jailbreaking and it always takes some time to bring jailbreaks for newer versions.
Jailbreaking is easy with USB dongles and it does not voids any warranty from Sony (though its not legal) as it works only when you have USB dongle attached to your playstation 3. The time you take out the USB dongle your PS3 comes back to its earlier state. This is also true for most of the others methods involving PSgroove and PSfreedom , just check out the specific details before trying any method.
If you are wondering about anything related to jailbreaking PS3..just shoot your question below in comment section. Happy Gaming 🙂

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