Rovio and Nokia team up | Winner Of Angry Birds contest gets a N8 and Goes to Hollywood

If you can play Angry Birds like a champion, and beat 3000 other contestants, you can win a trip to Hollywood and a cool new Nokia N8 and that is what 19 year old Jonas did. Around 3000 gamers participated in Helsinki, capital of Finland, to win this mobile gaming contest. Nokia, jointly with Rovio, hosted this Angry Birds contest.
angry birds mobile game
Angry Birds is most successful mobile game
Game was played in 8 shopping malls in various corners of Helsinki, after which top 32 participants played against each other to win the N8 and a trip to Hollywood.For those who don't know what Angry Bird is - Angry Bird is probably the most successful game for handhelds. Angry Birds has been downloaded some 100 million times worldwide for various handheld gaming platforms like iPhone, iPad and various Android and Symbian based mobiles. You can watch this video of Angry Bird championship.

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