How To Delete Bulk Spammy Comments In WordPress

One of the difficult tasks in maintaining a blog is to delete spam comments regularly. As your blog gets more and more traffic, it becomes target of spam bots. Unless you have real good spam filters, even your moderately successful blog can be flooded with hundreds of spam comments in a day.  For past few weeks I was busy preparing  competitive exams and during this period my comment approval queue was more than 10000. Now as there was no feasible way to check all these comments to filter out genuine comments, I decided to clean the queue by deleting all the pending comments.

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How To Create A Form In Jotform To Send Files To Dropbox

Dropbox can be used in a number of ways. Many people use it for sharing and syncing files between different computers. Few people use it to share and store  files between their smartphone and computer.  Now consider a situation where you want others to send files directly to your Dropbox account. It is not necessary that everyone will have Dropbox client installed in their devices.  In this situation you can easily create a web form using well known form creation tool Jotform, this webform will allow anyone to upload files directly to your Dropbox account.  This Dropbox webform can be easily accessed from any device having internet connection. The best thing about this Dropbox form, created with help of Jotform, is its simplicity, all it takes is just to put the username and upload the required files. Dropbox logo Continue reading "How To Create A Form In Jotform To Send Files To Dropbox"

Are You Getting 3200 / 3002 Error While Upgrading To iOS5 ?

If you were trying to upgrade your iDevice to latest iOS5 and you thought you bricked your iPad / iPhone after upgrade failed giving errors like 3002/3200/3004 - well you are not alone. Just after the online availability of iOS5, thousands of people downloaded it and tried to upgrade their devices. While many were successful in upgrading to iOS5, many people started complaning about upgrade failure. most people reported that they are getting iOS5 upgrade error 3200. Few others also reported about upgrade errors like 3002 and error 3004. iOS5 Upgrade Error 3200 / 3002 / 3004 Continue reading "Are You Getting 3200 / 3002 Error While Upgrading To iOS5 ?"

Aaaksh Tablet To Get Dearer By $14 If Opted For Replacement Warranty

As the days are passing by, we are getting a better picture of of Aakash tablet gradually. In a recent report, Economy Times unearthed a bit more about pricing details of Aakash tablet. As per Suneet Singh Tuli,the CEO of Datawind, Government of India has asked the company for  replacement of Aakash tablet if anyone comes to company reporting a manufacturing defect.  Normally most of the companies do not give a replacement warranty on electronic gadgets. To meet with this replacement policy of Aakash tablet, Datawind will charge additional $14 to end users. Aakash Tablet   Continue reading "Aaaksh Tablet To Get Dearer By $14 If Opted For Replacement Warranty"

Aakash Tablet To Reach Pune By End Of November

Much awaited Aakash tablet is all ready for commercial sale. As per latest update from Datawind , Manufacturer of Aakash tablets, the company is right now busy in meeting the target production of 100,000 units of Aakash tablets. This first lot of tablets will be used for distribution into various schools and colleges across India through government channels. One can expect this tablet's availability at end of November, that is just after Diwali. Device will be made available in most of major cities. As per Datawind, Aakash will be available in Pune just after Diwali. World's Cheapest Tablet "Aakash" | India Continue reading "Aakash Tablet To Reach Pune By End Of November"

Dell XCD35 Review | Specifications and Price

Dell XCD35 (read as exceed 35) now comes at a highly competitive price of Rs. 8000 and this is why I am doing this review even though it has been a while since this phone is in market.  With new price tag of Rs 8000 buying XCD35 has a whole new meaning now. There are new comparisons to be made. Competitors of this mobile are not the premium phones now. Dell XCD35 now competes with LG Optimus One P500 (Rs 9500) , Samsung Galaxy Fit (Rs 10500) , Samsung Galaxy Pop (Rs 8300) , HTC wildfire (Rs 10400).

Dell XCD35

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Micromax A85 Dual Core Android Smartphone

Micromax has risen above the crowd of Indian mobile makers. First thing to note about Micromax is its rapid introduction of android smartphones. First it introduced Andro A60 which was succeeded by Micromax A70.  Now Micromax has announced a dual core android smartphone which will run on Gingerbread and will have larger screen.  This new android smartphone, Micromax A85, will have all the features that are being offered by premium brands like Samsung and HTC. Micromax A85 Dual core  Android smartphone Continue reading "Micromax A85 Dual Core Android Smartphone"

Google Pays Tribute to Steve Jobs

Google, maker of rival operating system of iOS, is paying tribute to legend Steve Jobs. Google has a direct link to on its search engine home page. May be in coming days we would also witness doodles about Steve and his life works. Today is a sad day for all of us. The person who brought the paradigm shift in computer industry and telecom industry is no more with us. He died of cancer today. Without Steve, world would not be same again. Steve Jobs death tribute by GoogleYou will be greatly missed Steve....
Steve Jobs 1955-2011
Steve Jobs 1955-2011

How To Disable Buzzdock / Pagerage from Google Search

Few days back I was fiddling with my Facebook layout. I wanted to give it a different look. I googled for it and found one alternative to change Facebook look and feel. So I installed Yontoo Layers facebook layout. Everything went fine and I got some colorful background for my Facebook. But there was something that came for free with Yontoo. And it was annoying like anything. The problem with such applications is that while you install them, they try to change your other application without your knowledge.  I got something called buzzdock automatically enabled in my chrome browser. Now whenever I searched for anything; the first result was ads and other stuff by buzzdock. Yontoo / Pagerage / Buzzdock ads in Google Search   Continue reading "How To Disable Buzzdock / Pagerage from Google Search"

World’s Cheapest Tablet “Aakash” Is Here | Commercially Available For $60

The mystery tablet, claimed to be world's cheapest tablet PC running on android, is now available  for Indians. This tablet was launched by HRD minister Kapil Sibbal and it is branded as "Aakash" for Indian market. The first lot of 7000 of Aakash will be distributed in schools and colleges across India in coming days. Indian government is planning to distribute 1 crore (10 million) such tablets in near future. Aakash World's Cheapest Android Tablet Continue reading "World’s Cheapest Tablet “Aakash” Is Here | Commercially Available For $60"