Are You Getting 3200 / 3002 Error While Upgrading To iOS5 ?

If you were trying to upgrade your iDevice to latest iOS5 and you thought you bricked your iPad / iPhone after upgrade failed giving errors like 3002/3200/3004 - well you are not alone. Just after the online availability of iOS5, thousands of people downloaded it and tried to upgrade their devices. While many were successful in upgrading to iOS5, many people started complaning about upgrade failure. most people reported that they are getting iOS5 upgrade error 3200. Few others also reported about upgrade errors like 3002 and error 3004. iOS5 Upgrade Error 3200 / 3002 / 3004 Continue reading "Are You Getting 3200 / 3002 Error While Upgrading To iOS5 ?"

Google Pays Tribute to Steve Jobs

Google, maker of rival operating system of iOS, is paying tribute to legend Steve Jobs. Google has a direct link to on its search engine home page. May be in coming days we would also witness doodles about Steve and his life works. Today is a sad day for all of us. The person who brought the paradigm shift in computer industry and telecom industry is no more with us. He died of cancer today. Without Steve, world would not be same again. Steve Jobs death tribute by GoogleYou will be greatly missed Steve....
Steve Jobs 1955-2011
Steve Jobs 1955-2011

iPad 2 is now officially available in India | Price and specifications

Apple earned a bad name when it chose to ignore Indian market for iPad. Now it seems that Apple has learnt its lessons and is not ready to ignore 1.21 billion strong Indian Market for its newly released iPad2. Just 2 days back Apple India announced that iPad 2 will be available in India now. One interesting thing to note here is that in present times Apple is feeling the heat of immense competition in tablet market. The current generation of Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) based tablets from almost all major manufacturers are giving Apple a run for money.  Because of this Apple is now targeting markets where the presence of Android based tablets is almost nil and where better to land than India, where people have purchasing power and Honeycomb is not present here. This becomes even more evident if we observe that Apple has made no similar announcement for its iPhone 4 which is doing ok in sales in US and Europe markets.
Apple iPad2 now available in India
Apple iPad2 now available in India
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Dare to bare all for an Apple ?

Apple's large number of consumers are also its die hard fan. People wait in lines to see Apple's each new release and once they purchase the coveted Apple gadget, it becomes a status symbol for them. So how far you can go to show your fanaticism for Apple. Here are two girls going to the limit. Dare to do this for an Apple ?
An Apple Fan Girl
Dare to bare like this ??
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Dropbox Apps Get An Update For Android & iOS | Supports Bulk Upload

All the Dropbox fans get another reason to cheer up. Dropbox application for Android and iOS is now updated. This is not a cosmetic update, rather it is a functionality update, updated Dropbox now supports bulk upload in Android and iOS. This was much expected and missed functionality in Dropbox for Android and iOS.
dropbox for android and ios
Dropbox Interface
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iOS 4.3.1 gets its share of Jailbreak | Redsnow Untethered for Windows and OS X

If you have been waiting for a jailbreak for recently release iOS 4.3.1, than your wait is over. Dev-team has just released an untethered jailbreak, redsn0w 0.9.6rc9 (release candidate 9), for Windows and OS X .  Redsn0w 0.9.6 rc9 is capable of jailbreaking almost all iPhones and iPad1, here is the complete list.

Apple To Reintroduce Camera In 7th Gen iPod Nano

Rumors have already started floating around internet about specifications of iPod Nano 7th generation. If rumors are to be believed, 7th generation iPod nano will have a rear camera. ApplePro released a so called leaked image of 7th Generation iPod nano. Just have a look at the leaked image of casing, it does look like that this is something similar to 6th generation iPod casing with a hole. The size of the hole seems appropriate to fit a camera.
7th generation ipod nano apple
casing of 7th generation iPod nano
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Angry Birds | most addictive iPhone game I ever played

This game is insane, first impression one gets after playing a few slingshots is of "yet another iPhone game"...but just hold, play few more slingshots , yeah, now you get it- this is what i am talking about. It binds you with a super adhesive glue with its super cleverly designed levels, with its awesome puzzles.
Angry Birds best iPhone game
Angry Birds | One of the best iPhone game
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First Apple 1 Gets A New Owner

Apple 1 Advertisement (January 1977)
Apple 1 Advertisement (January 1977)
Marco Boglione , an Italian collector, bought the first Apple 1 device during a Christie’s auction in London.It Is estimated that less than 30 Apple 1 computers are still present, making it a rare collector’s item.Marco  Boglione’s brother was present on behalf his brother , who cleared the bid with a staggering £133,250 ($210,000) , making this auction the highest paid ever for a personal computer. This Apple 1 was accompanied with a letter signed by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak
Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak  with Apple Computer
Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak with Apple Computer
In 1976 Stephen Gary "Woz" Wozniak and Steve Jobs created the first apple computer code named Apple I in a small garage. They never had any big plans for this first Apple, which was way ahead of its time, but just to impress the local electronic enthusiasts group Homebrew Computer Club and they had never thought that Apple will become what it is now !!! Continue reading "First Apple 1 Gets A New Owner"