Uber new gingerbread (android 2.3) got burnt on old Samsung’s Galaxy S

Samsung Galaxy S
Samsung GalaxyS
In less than 48 hours, François Simond within android community got this going, he extracted the gingerbread ROM from the newly released Google’s Nexus S (hardware by Samsung) and got it working on old Galaxy S. Being the first attempt to burn Gingerbread, it is not 100% migration. Galaxy S with Gingerbread is not supporting WIFI and GPS currently. But soon this will be fixed soon given the proactive android community.
supercurio Galaxy S runningNexus S kernel and gingerbread switch off animation
This is also a revelation of how much new Nexus S and Galaxy S are similar hardware wise. In fact so similar that it took less than 48 hours to port brand new Android 2.3 to old Galaxy S !!
supercurio show Galaxy S running Nexus S Kernel and Gingerbread

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